Books: The Cheapest Vacation You Can Buy

UtopYA 2015 starts 4 days… 4 days folks!  And that meas it’s time to get ready for real–no more lists in our heads of what we want to bring, who we want to see, and what we want to do–we’ve got to pull out the suitcases, pack ’em up, and make sure we have everything we need.  It can be a daunting and scary process leading up to the con, from packing, to traveling and getting to the hotel, to meet and greets, and toting your books around and getting to the right places, but I’ve got some tips and advice for you.

UtopYAThursday, June 18, 2015 at 7:00 AM – Sunday, June 21, 2015 at 10:00 AM (CDT)

Nashville, TN

Get your last minute tickets here, if you still need one!!!



Wrapped BooksSo, you’ve purchased your ticket to the con, but still need to pack, right?

Pack light.  You’re only at the conference for four days, and you don’t need to change your outfit multiple times a day.  TRUST ME.  You may feel like you’ll need extra clothes just in case, but you truly don’t.  PACK LIGHT. The more room in your suitcase when you arrive, the better off you’ll be when you leave with ALL YOUR BOOKS!!  Plus, I hardly packed anything to wear last year, and I still didn’t wear it all.

What you need:

  • 1-2 pairs of comfortable pants (or dresses)
  • 2 comfortable tops—you’ll probably want to buy the t-shirt at UtopYA, so count that as a third
  • 1 pair of comfy sandals (shoes if you want)
  • 1 “formal” outfit for the awards ceremony with shoes and accessories to match (think PROM) and 1 costume for karaoke.
  • Pajamas (we’re talking pajama parties, here)
  • Undergarments (socks optional)
  • Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, nail file, perfume, hairbrush, women stuffs, straighteners, etc.—they have hairdryers in the rooms)
  • Saran Wrap and Bubble wrap (you will want to double wrap your books in stacks for the travel home so they don’t flop all over the suitcase and end up damaged)   ====> Newspaper is NOT a good idea, though, as it leaves black ink on things and is too thin.
  • Cash for books—some authors take credit cards via PayPal, but it’s just easier with cash on hand.  There are ATMs in the hotel, though, if you run out.
  • Name Badge that shows off your icon.  People don’t know my face or necessarily my full name, but they DO know my blog, so last year I made my own badge to stick over the white badge UtopYA gives out, and it worked like a charm.  Bring business cards to hand out as well, if you have them.



Getting There:

If you can drive to Nashville without getting car sick (like I do), then do it!  But, if you’re like me, or if it’s just too far by car, then fly.  If you’re taking SOUTHWEST, then you’re already ahead of the game–Southwest is the only carrier I’ve found that doesn’t charge for luggage.  This is a book conference, so that means you’ll have LOTS of books to take home.  You could mail them, technically, and spend a lot of dollars doing it, OR, you could fly Southwest, which allows you TWO FREE CHECKED BAGS UP TO 50 POUNDS EACH!  Yeah. <== This.

carryonI flew Southwest last year based on their stellar service and the free checked luggage.  Remember, you don’t need a suitcase filled with clothes.  But you DO need lots of space for your books.  I checked two bags for the conference last year, and one was completely empty on my way down to Nashville.  Hey, it’s free, right?  And it saved me a ton of cash when I left the conference because I checked all my books… my combined weight with books, swag, and clothes was about 76 pounds between the two bags (not counting my 30 pound carryon).  And about 50 pounds of that 76 was book weight.  Imagine the price tag on mailing home 50 pounds of books?

BUT–maybe you’re not flying Southwest and there’s a fee to check your bags… find out how much that fee is for a certain weight… sometimes it’s just $25 extra for 50 pounds… still cheaper and faster than mailing them.  Check around and see your option.

ALSO–make sure you bring a carry-on, and that it has wheels.  Put as many books as you can IN IT for the trip down to Nashville, because if you’re packing light for the con, and your checked luggage is sparse, as it should be, you want to keep your precious books safe from flopping around as the luggage gets thrown around.  Plus, you will want it for the conference to transport all your books and swag (and, it’s gentler on your body). I wheeled my carryon all over the conference this year, and it was a real life saver. Even though my room was just upstairs, and totes are everywhere and they’re fun to use, carrying books around is heavy, and it hurts your back. So bring a rolling carryon.  Trust me.

And if you have the chance, do what I do when flying home: if they’re asking people to standby and take another flight because your flight is full, DO IT–if they’re offering vouchers!  In 2013, Southwest asked me to take the next flight out, which was just four hours later than my original, and they GAVE ME A VOUCHER FOR DOUBLE WHAT I PAID FOR MY ROUNDTRIP TICKETS.  That means my flight for the 2014 convention to Nashville was completely free!

In other words, make sure you don’t schedule any pressing engagements for June 22, 2015, and take the voucher on any flight if they’re offering, and it’ll add up to some awesome free flights.  I took my voucher from 2013 and paid for BOTH my trip to Nashville AND my vacation to Florida.  For real.  Take the voucher if the opportunity arises.



So you’ve arrived at the airport and you don’t have any friends coming to pick you up and take you to the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel.  NO WORRIES.  The hotel does offer a FREE shuttle service roundtrip to the airport, even if the concierge tells you they don’t… however, for the sake of time, you may want to go ahead and just book a shuttle service instead, which is what I did my first year attending in 2013.

While FREE is nice, I did spend over an hour waiting for the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel Shuttle to pick me up from the airport (only seats 10), and I spent a good 45 minutes waiting for it to take me back to the airport at the end of the conference. So plan accordingly and make sure you head out for the shuttle early, especially if you are under any time constraints.

May I suggest InShuttle… a very prompt service that will take you roundtrip between the Maxwell House and the Airport for ONLY $18 (it will also take you other places, but the fee is a little higher). I used this service in 2013 and really enjoyed it.

InShuttle  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Once you get to the hotel, check in… to both the hotel and UtopYAcon 2015 (if that’s an option at your arrival time).  You want to get registered as soon as possible… trust me. If your room isn’t ready and you have to wait in the lobby, ask the concierge to hold your bags for you (they will), and go grab a bite to eat in the Bar.

Millennium Nashville Exterior ImageHere’s some info about the Hotel:


Outdoors — Outdoor Pool

Activities — Golf Course (within 2 miles), Fitness Center

Food & Drink — Restaurant, Bar

Internet — Wired internet is available in the hotel rooms for a fee of $9.95 per day, but it is free of charge in the lobby. Our internet didn’t work in the rooms at all this past weekend, so it was taken off the bill for all guests.

Parking — Free! Free public parking is available on site (reservation is not needed).

Services — Room Service, Airport Shuttle (free), 24-Hour Front Desk, Baggage Storage, ATM on site, Laundry, Ironing Service, Meeting/Banquet Facilities, Business Center, Fax/Photocopying, Souvenir/Gift Shop

General — Newspapers, Safe, Non-smoking Rooms, Facilities for Disabled Guests, Elevator, Heating, All Spaces Non-Smoking (public and private), Designated Smoking Area

Extra Charges:

Upon checkout, the hotel does automatically add on a $50 a day amenities charge JUST IN CASE, so if you see a pending transaction for a lot more than your bill AFTER you check out of the hotel next year, rest assured that it will be taken off—it’s only a security measure.  But do make sure you FOLLOW UP with the hotel about it!



Bring it.  Not a ton, but definitely have snacks.  The hotel restaurant and bar is indeed delicious, but they’re both tiny, and when 700+ people are all hungry for lunch, it just doesn’t work.  If you want to eat in either of these places, plan to eat during off times.  11am brunch, or 2pm lunch… avoid the crowds so you don’t have a long wait and can get back to conferencing.

Millennium Nashville Dining Image ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Conference:

Go in knowing that this conference is epic.  I adore it and the laid-back nature of it all.  Janet Wallace, the founder of UtopYA, has made it an unforgettable event that you just cannot miss!

This year’s keynote speakers are Denise Grover Swanke, Lauren Miller, Kim Holden, and Lauren Miller.  From Thursday-Saturday, each will speak, beginning at 9am.  But don’t wait until 9am to get your seat!!  There are always amazing giveaways to start the mornings, so make sure you’re in the conference room by 8:30 at the latest!!  So many people showed up late, missing the opening statements and, therefore, lost out on their prizes!  Hey, more for me!  But seriously, you don’t want to be late for the opening announcements each morning.


Author Signings:

We also have a full day author signing event on Saturday from 11-4! It’s FREE to the public, but you STILL NEED A TICKET–get it now, time is running out!  Exhibitors

What does an all day signing mean for you, you might ask?  You have MORE TIME to get all the signatures you want!  So, you have time to go to the panels. Last year I struggled getting to panels because I wanted to make sure all my books were signed, and hunting down people was difficult at times, but with a public signing from 10-4am, you’ve GOT TIME!  So hit those panels!!  Check out the schedule here: or better yet, use the Sched App, which you can sign up for, or log in to, just by clicking “sign up or log in to bookmark your favorites and sync them to your phone or calendar.”


Books and Pre-Orders:

Moving on, I HIGHLY suggest that you bring as many books as you can TO the con

ference as many authors only bring limited quantities.  Though, there is a bookstore on site, it also seemed a bit limited itself last year.

BUT–Pre-order’s are available for a TON of authors!  Check out this pre-order list hosted by Maria Pease. You can check out what kind of deals/sales the authors are offering, and find some amazing swag. Just click the name of the author to go to their pre-order page, and MAKE SURE you write down what books you purchased on a spreadsheet so you don’t forget, especially if you’re buying a lot! Many authors also have deals for those pre-ordering, like extra swag, lower prices, etc., so do check out the pre-orders list.

And, be sure to check out Jo Michael’s Blog Post about giveaways, freebies with pre-orders, and her advice of what to bring/do while at UtopYA.  It’s great!

Likewise, you will acquire much swag and meet tons of authors you haven’t read yet.  So bring cash in case you decide you want to buy their books as well—I met so many new authors and after connecting with them and learning about their books, I just had to have them!  Set a budget and plan accordingly.


Mailing Books Home:

If you didn’t drive, or you just can’t check anymore bags for whatever reason… so you need to mail them home.  That’s cool, just make sure you send it USPS (regular mail) and tell them it’s MEDIA MAIL (if you’re mailing in the USA ONLY–media mail doesn’t exist for international mailing)!  I highly suggest avoiding FedEx because it’s mad expensive.  USPS is the least expensive, and media mail makes it even less so. But you can ONLY send books media mail—not swag, so I suggest putting on the swag in your checked luggage as it’s light (and make sure you put any and all magnets in your checked bag—I made the mistake of putting my business card magnets in my carryon and the TSA agents flagged it and were seriously nervous about going through my bag).

media_mail_1 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Costumed Karaoke:

And did I mention costumed karaoke?  Because, yeah.  That happened, too. BRING AN OUTFIT–you don’t have to sing!!

Minion Love

This year I am saddened to say that I will NOT be in attendance… school is STILL in session and my students are taking their finals through June 19… and since I’m not allowed to take off during finals, it just didn’t work out this year.  Had I been able to come, THIS would have been my karaoke outfit.  You’re welcome.


The Awards:

The awards are a BIG DEAL at UtopYA.  It’s like a red carpet event; it’s not a sit down dinner event, but there is a cocktail hour prior to the awards, and the hor d’oeuvres are delectable, though you still might want to eat a light meal prior to the awards ceremony. Awards

What to wear?  Well, really it doesn’t matter.  Since it’s like a red carpet event, most people were dressed to varying formal degrees—from sundresses to prom dresses, I saw them all.  I also saw slacks and jeans, so don’t feel like you have to dress up!  It’s not mandatory.  The only thing that is mandatory is that you have a good time, and that’s a given.

And make sure you stick around for the after-hour dance party, which is great fun!


And over the course of the year I’ve posted a TON of information about UtopYA–check them all out below.

{UtopYA} Panels for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Authors, Bloggers, Editors, and Readers

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{UtopYA Con Interview} Victoria Faye of Whit&Ware – Book Branding Blueprint Workshop

{UtopYA 2015} Author Guest Post – Heather Hildenbrand

{UtopYA Con 2015} Millennium Maxwell House Information – Restaurants


All in all, UtopYA is beyond fantastic! What do I love about it?  Everything!  But especially that authors and aspiring authors, publicists and publishers, bloggers and readers, cover designers and cover models are all in close proximity to one another, chatting, networking, eating, singing, dancing… and the list goes on. It’s like one HUGE slumber party for four days, and mixed in are awesome activities, with keynotes, panels, visiting booths, signings, pool parties, an awards ceremony, dancing, costumed karaoke, and even some sight-seeing, should one so choose–I hear there’s even going to be a tattoo party… yeasssss! I love that it’s a camaraderie of talents where attendees are willing to share their experiences, jump out of their comfort zones, do some crazy fun things, and all the while make long lasting friendships. You’re going to have a blast.  Just. Breath.


As promised to my followers on Facebook a few months back, I am finally giving away a hardcover of Twilight, autopen-signed by Stephenie Meyer!!

That’s right!  This beauty is up for grabs!!  It’s got a little wear and tear here and there, but it’s epic just the same.  Excited?  Of course you are!!  Enter to win this gem, and tell all your friends…


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A few of my giveaways recently ended, so I thought… let’s do another!  YES!  Here you go…


What you’ll win:

  • Hardcopy of Blue Lily, Lily Blue–complete with a doodle inside, penned my Maggie herself
  • Maggie Stiefvater signed book plate–which you can stick inside your book, or just use as a keepsake
  • Alien and Angelfall tattoos
  • Signed Jordyn trading card, Jordyn bookmark, Jordyn Sticker (Tiffany King)
  • Signed Sole Survivor bookmark and Soul Survivor free ebook code (Michelle N. Files)
  • Signed White Hot Kiss bookmark (Jennifer L. Armentrout)
  • Signed Ink Series bookmark (Bella Roccaforte)
  • Signed Devotion bookmark (Kristie Cook)
  • Signed Reality bookmark (Dani Hart)
  • Signed Healed trading card (Becca Vincenza)
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  • Beneath trading Card (Cambria Hebert)
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Exhibitor Space

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Happy November! For my stop on the Books I’m Grateful I Read Giveaway Hop, I’m giving away a signed paperback of White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout, as well as lots of signed swag and goodies.  Why?  Because I’m grateful I read this amazing novel–the novel that started my love affair with all books by Armentrout, and, well, swag is awesome, right?

Synopsis of White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout:

White Hot KissOne kiss could be the last.

Seventeen-year-old Layla just wants to be normal. But with a kiss that kills anything with a soul, she’s anything but normal. Half demon, half gargoyle, Layla has abilities no one else possesses.

Raised among the Wardens—a race of gargoyles tasked with hunting demons and keeping humanity safe—Layla tries to fit in, but that means hiding her own dark side from those she loves the most. Especially Zayne, the swoon-worthy, incredibly gorgeous and completely off-limits Warden she’s crushed on since forever.

Then she meets Roth—a tattooed, sinfully hot demon who claims to know all her secrets. Layla knows she should stay away, but she’s not sure she wants to—especially when that whole no-kissing thing isn’t an issue, considering Roth has no soul.

But when Layla discovers she’s the reason for the violent demon uprising, trusting Roth could not only ruin her chances with Zayne… it could brand her a traitor to her family. Worse yet, it could become a one-way ticket to the end of the world.

This book is FABULOUS, and I’ve been lucky enough to meet Jennifer L. Arementrout many times over the past few years… the latest giving me an opportunity to pick up a copy of White Hot Kiss for giveaway, because I am always looking to give back to my faithful readers, and what better to do so than with a signed giveaway of one of my favorite books?


Check out everything you can win:

  • White Hot KissSigned Paperback of White Hot Kiss by Jannifer L. Armentrout
  • FREE Ebook Code for Soul Survivor by Michelle N. Files
  • Guitar Pick for “Half Blood” from the Jennifer Armentrout
  • The Marked Men Coaster–signed by Jay Crownover
  • Enchanted Heart Poker Chip and Cell Phone Cleaner from Mindy Ruiz
  • Ashlyn Chase pen

Signed Bookmarks from:

  • Bella Roccaforte—The Ink Series
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  • Tiffany King—The Saving Angels Series
  • Elizabeth Kirke–Semester Aboard
  • Amy Evans–Clicks Series
  • Wendy Higgins–The Sweet Trilogy

Bookmarks from:

  • Angie Stanton
  • M.R. Merrick
  • Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Scholastic–Harry Potter

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  • Elizabeth Kirke—Semester Aboard
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  • A Book Vacation Reviews

Cards from:

  • Marata Eros
  • Hollie Westring
  • House of Diamonds
  • Natasha Boyd–Signed Eversea
  • Elizabeth Kirke
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  • Georgia Cates–The Sin Trilogy

Temporary Tattoos:

  • Invisible by Dawn Metcalf
  • Alien
  • Tribal Band


  • “SPQR—HeroesofOlympus”
  • “Flying Horse—HeroesofOlympus”
  • “I want my own Gloresti”
  • “Keep Calm and Date a Royal”
  • “Star Wars–Jedi Academy”


  • Jordyn by Tiffany King
  • P.T. Michelle
  • Descended by Blood by Angeline Kace

Rubber Bracelets:

  • Heaven and Hell Series–Cambria Herbert
  • Keep Calm and Find An Aquarathi–Amalia Howard

Key Chains:

  • The Maurin Kincaide Series–Rachel Rawlings
  • House of Diamonds–Mindy Ruiz

****disclaimer, this SIGNED COPY has a KISS Sticker in it–overlapping a misspelled name, which you’ll never see because the sticker covers it.  If you’re NOT okay with this kiss sticker, don’t enter the giveaway.****

2014-10-31 19.34.31



To enter you must:

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On August 3, I had the opportunity to attend the Shore Leave Convention, an annual sci-fi con that apparently takes place every year. I’d never heard of it, but the newspaper had a little write-up about it, and when I saw that Silas Weir Mitchell—Monroe from GRIMM—was going to be in attendance, I drove right up!

I wandered around for a while and it was definitely an experience, from the people dressed up to the Tardis booth, there were lots of interesting people and attractions to see. I met Michael Welch while there—Mike Newton from Twilight, among other roles—and had him sign all my Twilight books; he was really chill and nice about it. And cute.


And then I attended an hour long question and answer with Silas Weir Mitchell, and it was amazing. He was funny, articulate, and very much Monroe. It was awesome to hear about how he got his start in acting, how GRIMM actually came to be, and what all his fellow co-stars were like. His mannerisms and facial expressions were the definition of Monroe, and it was so cool to actually see him up close (I was in row 2) and realize how much he really made Monroe his own character. Perfection.


There was a signing a little while after his question and answer session, and so I did get to talk to him just a tiny bit while he signed some photos for me, and you know that I’m always thinking of my blog readers and potential giveaways whenever I go somewhere cool, so you know I got Silas to sign an 8×10 photo of himself just for a giveaway on the blog.





So, without further ado, I give you the signed 8×10 Silas Weir Mitchell photo that I’m giving away to one lucky winner, complete with a photo protector. This is an international giveaway. Good luck!


To enter you must:

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  Win a Signed Paperback of The Mechanic by Tim O’Rourke–ENDS August 20

The Mechanic

Your Choice Recent Release–ENDS September 1

rrgg august

Yesterday was Brigid Kemmerer’s Release Party for Secret, book four in her fabulous Elemental Series, and I was lucky enough to not only attend, but also pick up an extra signed copy for giveaway!!!  AND, I have a signed ARC of Secret up for grabs as well!

2014-02-01 13.17.52Haven’t read the series?  You definitely need to!  And you should enter to win this fabulous book regardless (just saying…)


SecretSecret Synopsis:


Nick Merrick is stretched to breaking point. He’s trying to keep his grades sky-high or he won’t get in to college. He’s trying to keep his brother’s business afloat or the Merricks will be out on the street. He’s trying to keep the secret of where he’s going in the evenings from his twin brother Gabriel – or he fears he’ll lose his family. And he’s trying to keep his mind off the hot, self-assured dancer who is his ‘girlfriend’s’ partner.

And then Quinn takes to hanging around his sworn enemy, and an Elemental Guide is counting the hours until he can try again to kill the Merrick brothers. Storms are brewing. On all sides.



To enter this giveaway, you must:

-Be 13 years or older (or have parent/guardian permission)

-Fill in the mandatory question on rafflecopter (extra entries optional)

Click this Rafflecopter Link to Enter!

We will have TWO winners for this giveaway–one will receive the SIGNED ARC and one will receive the SIGNED paperback.  Winners for each will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter!

This giveaway is open to USA and Canadian entrants only (so sorry–see my other giveaways for international ones) and will end at 12:01am EST on February 23rd. Please only enter once. The winner will be announced later on February 23rd, and will receive email notification! Please read my giveaway policy and leave me a comment!

And check out the other books in the series–because YOU NEED THEM!!





Elemental Kindle
Storm Kindle | Paperback
Fearless Kindle
Spark Kindle | Paperback
Breathless Kindle
Spirit Kindle | Paperback
Secret Kindle | Paperback


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Easy 2

4826501Good morning, and happy Sunday!!  Today, I have something quite awesome for you on behalf of Tammara Webber, the author of the amazing Between the Lines series!!  Tammara is GIVING AWAY an ENTIRE SET of her Between the Lines Series (that’s all four books), SIGNED, and the winner gets to CHOOSE whether they want the US of UK version!!  AH-MAY-ZING!!!

This is an international giveaway!!!

I’ve been reading Tammara’s work since the very beginning, and let me tell you, every single book in this series is phenomenal!!  I fell in love with them immediately, and I’ve given them ALL 5+ stars in my reviews!

  You can read my reviews here:

Between the Lines (#1)

Where You Are (#2)

Good For You (#3)

Here Without You (#4)

Now, take a look at these cover choices!!

US Covers:


UK Covers:


And you get to choose which set you’d like if you win!  Tammara will sign them, and they’ll be sent wherever you want as this is an INTERNATIONAL giveaway!  That’s right!  Tell your friends!  This is EPIC!!!

To enter this giveaway, you must:

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This giveaway is open internationally and will end at 12:01am EST on September 29th at 12:01am. Please only enter once. The winner will be announced later on September 29th, and will receive email notification! Please read my giveaway policy and leave me a comment!

2013-08-18 18.41.08The winner of a Significance Series Tote Bag Signed by Shelly Crane has just concluded, and I’m excited to say that the winner has been chosen via Rafflecopter.

And the winner is…

Becky Paulk


A tweet has already gone out to the winner, and an email will go out later this evening! If I don’t hear from the winner within 48 hours, I will select a new winner using Rafflecopter.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to the winner… but don’t despair if you didn’t win this round!

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RRGG September


An eBook of CLICKS by Amy Evans: Ends September 15


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No Attachments

A few weeks ago I was on vacation in Florida and had the opportunity to stop by Indie Book Fest to see some awesome authors, picking up a few items for giveaways along the way!  The first item up for grabs is a Significance Series tote bag signed by Shelly Crane :

2013-08-18 18.41.08

To enter this giveaway, you must:

-Be 13 years or older (or have parent/guardian permission)

-Fill in the mandatory question on rafflecopter (extra entries optional)

Click this Rafflecopter Link to Enter!

This giveaway is open to USA and Canadian entrants only and will end at 12:01am EST on September 8th at 12:01am. Please only enter once. The winner will be announced later on September 8th, and will receive email notification! Please read my giveaway policy and leave me a comment!

et cetera
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