Books: The Cheapest Vacation You Can Buy


I deal with a lot of reluctant readers, and I’ve just stumbled upon the greatest books!  Orca Book Publishers is a publisher that produces books for reluctant readers, especially readers on the lower spectrum, with a reading level of about second grade to fourth grade. 

There are many different series that Orca Books publish, but my three favorites are Orca Soundings, Orca Currents, and Orca Sports.

  • Orca Soundings are short teen fiction books for reluctant readers, especially those reading below grade level.   This series is generally for ages 12+. 
  • Orca Currents are short middle grade fiction books for reluctant readers.  This series is generally for ages 10-14. 
  • Orca Sports are short fictional books that combine “mystery and adventure with team sports.”  This series is generally for ages 10+.

 Orca books are quickly becoming my favorite choice for my struggling readers!  Know a reluctant reader?  Check out my reviews and start reading!


Down By Norah McClintock   (4 stars)

I.D. by Vicki Grant   (4 stars)

Responsible  by Darlene Ryan  (4 stars)

Bull’s Eye by Sarah N. Harvey  (2 stars)

 Snitch by Nora McClintock  (3 stars)

Dead-End Job by Vicki Grant  (5 stars)

The Drop by Jeff Ross  (4 stars)

Gravity Check by Alex Van Tol  (5 stars)

Windfall by Sara Casidy  (4 stars)

B Negative by Vicki Grant    (5 stars)

Beyond Repair by Lois Peterson  (4 stars)

Viral by Alex Van Tol (5 stars)

Charmed by Carrie Mac (5 stars)
Jacked by Carrie Mac (3 stars)
Cellular by Ellen Schwartz (5 stars)
Plastic by Sarah N. Harvey (2.5 stars)
Hannah’s Touch by Laura Langston (3 stars)
Rock Star by Adrian Chamberlain (3 stars) 
Bang by Norah McClintock  (3.5 stars)
Knifepoint by Alex Van Tol (4 stars)

Hi Shana,
Thanks so much for the kind words about our books for reluctant readers. Much appreciated. I am the editor on that series and you picked two good ones to review – both Bang and Knifepoint are very strong novels and fit the format well. Both authors have other books – Norah’s Masked is a really interesting story told from a few different perspectives and Alex’s new one – Viral – is also well done. let me know if you would like review copies.
Thanks again for your support.


Ms. B says:

I would love the review copies! I am very excited to read Orca books; I actually just picked up 11 Orca Sounding books from my high school library today, and I plan to read them and review them this week (most seem to be from 2007, but a few are from 2010). I spoke to Dayle through email on Feb. 22nd, and he is sending me ARCs of books for Orca Soundings, Orca Currents, and Orca Sports, but I am not sure of the titles–or if Viral or Masked are included. I am very excited to receive and review anything you and your company are willing to send me! Thank you!


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