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{May 8, 2015}   {UtopYA} The Writing Cave and Official Voting

Hello lovely readers, and happy Friday!  This week, I’m highlighting the WRITING CAVE that will be available 24/7 at UtopYA!!!

Here’s the deets:

Goo-Goo-24361-550x550The Writing Cave is a lovely room that overlooks the scenic pool, where you can write socially if you don’t want to be alone in your room writing.  Located on the 9th floor in the Titan Room, the Writing Cave has couches, chairs, a TV, and an unstocked bar.  Snacks and drinks will be available, thanks to one of our lovely sponsor, Clean Teen Publishing, and over 700 Goo-Goo Clusters will be available for those of us with a sweet-tooth, thanks to our other Writing Cave Sponsor, Goo-Goo Clusters:

Foods aside from the snacks and candy will not be available, but you are more than welcome to bring your own, and writers are kindly asked to clean up after themselves.


More from our sponsors:

Clean Teen Publishing

CleanTeenLogo_Single_TRANS_LargeOur Commitment to Our Readers:

At Clean Teen Publishing, we believe that our readers deserve to know ahead of time what they are reading.  We do not believe in censorship; we believe in the right to know.  Every reader, no matter what their age is, has certain boundaries they don’t want to cross. Currently there is no consistent rating system in place for books like there are for movies, music, and video games. We believe by offering a wider range of disclosure about the content of our books, we will give parents, and readers of all ages, a stronger sense of comfort according to what lies between the pages. With that said, we will not deem whether a book is appropriate or inappropriate for any particular age range. Our disclosure is simply for you to know what is in the book, and we leave it up to you to decide what you are comfortable with reading.

Our Commitment to Our Authors:

At Clean Teen Publishing, we believe our authors, who create new and amazing literary worlds, deserve to receive a large share of the profits that their art creates. We also believe that our authors deserve the support of quality editing, breathtaking covers, and the power of a strong marketing presence behind them. As authors ourselves, we know that your writing comes from your heart and, in a sense, is a part of you. We will carefully protect that part of you and work hard to keep your creative vision alive.

Learn more at


Love the Goo-Goo Clusters? Order your own.:


AND, did you hear?  The 4th Annual UtopYA Awards Voting is NOW OPEN!!!  Vote for your favorites now through May 21st!  Hurry, before the voting closes!



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