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Where Silence GathersFrom Goodreads: In this companion novel to the critically acclaimed Some Quiet Place, Alex must choose between Revenge and Forgiveness.

For as long as she can remember, Alexandra Tate has been able to see personified Emotions, and she’s found a best friend in Revenge. He’s her constant companion as she waits outside Nate Foster’s house, clutching a gun. Every night since Nate’s release from prison, Alex has tried to work up the courage to exact her own justice on him for the drunk driving accident that killed her family.

But there’s one problem: Forgiveness. When he appears, Alex is faced with a choice—moving on or getting even. It’s impossible to decide with Forgiveness whispering in one ear . . . and Revenge whispering in the other.


This novel is a companion to Some Quiet Place; a standalone that is set in the same world, but with different characters. Whereas Some Quiet Place focuses on Elizabeth, a young woman unable to feel emotion, and her relationship with Fear, Where Silence Gathers brings us new characters and emotions in that of Alex, Revenge, and Forgiveness.

Alex is a fairly complex character and I enjoyed getting to know her. I can’t imagine how I would react should my family be decimated by a drunk driver, and I certainly don’t know how I’d react should said drunk driver be released from prison, only to come back to town as a constant reminder of what I lost. Alex struggles, and I found her struggle to be an extremely real one. While I’d like to say that I wouldn’t act like her, that I wouldn’t allow my family’s death to consume my life, I feel like that’s a lie, and I’d most likely be in the same boat as Alex.

With Revenge as a constant companion, Alex has many choices to make—and some of them are quite horrible, but as she grows throughout the novel, I liked how she began to connect with Forgiveness and begins to come back into herself—the girl she was before the death of her family.

I wasn’t expecting the final truth about Revenge and Forgiveness—I was surprised, but in retrospect, I don’t think I should have been; it only makes perfect sense. There is an added element of mystery to this novel as well as Alex learns about information she found on her father’s flash drive, and I enjoyed this aspect of the story as well, though I preferred that of the emotions and their constant companionship of Alex. I just find it so cool to think that emotions are invisible entities that constantly appear and interact with us, without our knowing.

Overall, this series is a unique, interesting read. If you’re looking for something different, I highly suggest picking it up. Four stars.

4 stars

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Dead EndFrom Goodreads: Fighting for her friends and fighting for her life, Kiera Hudson must finally unravel the pushed world and its secrets. But most of all, Kiera must make her choice. A choice that she fears will change everything and the lives of her friends forever. Does Kiera have the heart to choose them or choose for them? ‘Dead End’ – the heart pounding conclusion to ‘Kiera Hudson Series Two’.


This is indeed the perfect ending to the perfect, heart-pounding Kiera Hudson Series Two. Spanning 18 books and two series, Kiera’s story is finished, for the moment. But rest assured Kiera Hudson lovers of the world, she’ll be back. In fact, based on this ending, I’m certain they will all be back, and I’m already on pins and needles in anticipation.

O’Rourke is one of my all-time favorite authors, encompassing all things paranormal in his pushed worlds—alternate versions of the world you and I know—worlds where vampyrus run underground and lycanthrope walk the earth in human skin. The very first series blew me away, and when that series ended, I was devastated, but with the spin off, Kiera Hudson Series Two, readers are thrust back into Kiera’s world, and it’s so seamless, so perfect, that words cannot suffice.

In this final installment of the second series, Kiera must once again make a choice. Will she choose her own happiness, or that of her friends? It’s difficult, but knowing Kiera, and after 18 amazing, detailed books, I’d say readers know her fairly well, it’s a given that she’s going to do the right thing, no matter how much pain it will cause her, or readers, for that matter. I was brought to tears near the end as it all comes to a head–the characters in this novel are like family for me; I know them that well and love them that much, and I lived their pain alongside them. Thankfully, O’Rourke ties it all together neatly at the end, presenting both Kiera and readers with hope. It is beautiful, and the third spin off series is going to be epic, if O’Rourke’s imaginative capabilities and foreshadowing is any indication (which it is). Five amazing, superb stars.

5 stars

If you haven’t yet started the phenomenon that is Kiera Hudson, you really need to do so, beginning with the first book of the first series, Vampire Shift (FREE). Due to the details and succession of the novels, they really do need to be read in order. Luckily, the storyline and characters are so well written that the pages just fly by.

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