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{February 21, 2013}   {Review} Tangerine by Edward Bloor

Bloor_cover.inddFrom Goodreads: Edward Bloor’s award-winning novel Tangerine grabs readers by the collar on the first page and never lets go. Tangerine, Florida—once known for its citrus groves—is now an uninhabitable quagmire of muck fires and school-swallowing sinkholes. Still, twelve-year-old Paul sees the move as a way to start anew, maybe even make a name for himself in middle school soccer—despite his father’s obsession with his high-school-age brother Erik’s future in football. Paul is visually impaired (without his Coke bottle glasses), but it’s everyone else who seems to be blind to Erik’s dangerous nature. Written as a series of Paul’s journal entries, Tangerine is a gut-wrenching coming-of-age novel about truth, memory, culture, courage, social consciousness, classism, the environment . . . and soccer. Paul is a character well worth cheering for. Underdogs of the world, unite!


I’m sorry to say that I just could not get into this novel.  The events within it were very strange, from a sinkhole swallowing a section of a middle school to lightening striking a student, I just had difficulty with it.  I’m not saying these things don’t happen, but there were just too many strange events that happened in this novel, and the blasé attitude surrounding them didn’t really sit well with me.  It gave off a rather supernatural feel when I felt the novel was supposed to be much more serious, and so it just didn’t sit well with me.  But, it’s also written for MG and perhaps young, young adult readers, so I think that’s where it’s real appeal will lie.  While I do like to read MG on occasion, not every story is for me because I’m not a MG reader anymore, and that’s okay.  But I really think 5th-8th graders will get a kick out of this novel, and the fact that it has great morals and themes also make it a great book for any young readers out there who enjoy sports.  Unfortunately, I, personally, can only give it two stars.  But if you’ve got a MG child at home, I highly suggest picking this up for them!    2 stars

I borrowed this book from the school library.


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