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{April 9, 2014}   {Review} Flashes: Charley by Tim O’Rourke (Flashes Part 1)

Flashes Part OneFrom Goodreads: Charley has flashes in her mind, psychic snapshots of terrifying events. After the death of her best friend, Charley’s flashes become more intense as she sees images of the murder of a teenage girl. But how will Charley ever convince Tom Henson, the new detective in the town of Marsh Bay, to believe she can help him solve the case?

** Part Two releases 1st May, 2014 **


Flashes is Tim O’Rourke’s latest serial, sectioned into three parts that are set to release over the next two months. In this first installment, we meet seventeen-year-old Charley, a young woman who suffers from intense headaches, followed by flashes of murders in the act. Because this has plagued her for much of her life, Charley is a loner with just one friend, a friend who recently died in a train accident. But was it really an accident?

Tom Henson is new to the CDC, and as the newest addition to the police force, he feels he has something to prove. When another young woman is torn apart in a train accident, Tom’s suspicions are raised when he stumbles upon Charley near the scene of the crime. Together, they must learn to trust one another and put their differences aside if they’re going to solve the mounting train murders before both of them wind up dead.

For those who have read The Kiera Hudson Prequels, both one and two, Tom Henson is someone we already know a little bit about, but in O’Rourke’s serial, Flashes, readers now get to see him at the forefront of his very own series. I have liked Tom since the get go, and now seeing him interact with a new cast of characters has been extremely fun. Though I wish Flashes was released all at once and not in a serial format, it’s definitely worth the wait. Tim is a master storyteller and I’m on pins and needles waiting for part 2, which releases May 1. Five stars.

5 stars

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The full length novel encompassing all portions of this three part serial should be releasing in June



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