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{November 21, 2011}   Releasing Today: Death in the Beginning by Gary Williams and Vicky Knerly

DITB_Cover_Williams_Knerly_FinalFrom Goodreads: It has been an extraordinary summer for archaeologist Curt Lohan.  First, he discovered a magnificent manmade cave in the Canary Islands off the African coast.  Then, while exploring a newly-found gunpowder magazine inside a 300-year-old stone Spanish fort in St. Augustine, Florida, a man emerged.  The man is killed by police before his identity can be ascertained. All evidence indicates that the man had been sealed in the room for centuries.  When Curt uncovers a link between the Canary Island cave and the unidentified man, he realizes that he has stumbled upon a secret lost in history; the catalyst for the Fountain of Youth legend.  But the revelation holds terrifying consequences.  And there are those willing to murder to guard the truth.  As Northeast Florida braces for a deadly hurricane, Curt and his friends are drawn into a monumental conspiracy which could alter the balance of power…and destroy humanity.


Religious or not, most people know the story of Noah’s Ark.  But, what if we don’t have all the facts?  What if the animals we know today weren’t the only animals Noah took onto his boat?  What if one of those animals was not from human realms, but a paranormal entity more powerful than anything we’ve ever seen before?  Intrigued?  So was I as I embarked on this riveting read!  

I was highly impressed with the storyline, writing, and characters as Williams and Knerly piece together this enchanting story full of mystery and intrigue.  Although the connections between characters and events are not explained immediately, allowing for much speculation on the readers part, Williams and Knerly do a fantastic job aligning all the pieces of the puzzle while opening the scenes to the reader and making him/her a part of the story.  The “aha” moments in this novel really made it a fun read, especially with its fast paced, event driven prose.  And, while I will admit that, on more than one occasion, I wasn’t sure where certain events were leading me as I read, Williams and Knerly knew exactly where they were taking me and left no stone unturned, paying explicit attention to detail and bringing it all together in the end. 

This fast paced novel is extremely gripping; I was spellbound from the very beginning, and the characterization was excellent.  All the characters, but especially Curt and Sherri, were well rounded and poignant.  Watching them come together and work out the clues for themselves was exciting, and I highly enjoyed them throughout the story. All in all, this is a great read for YA and beyond.  Four stars.

4 starsI received a copy of this novel from the author in exhange honest review. 


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