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{July 2, 2012}   {Review} Eligere by Christina Daley

From Goodreads: Rain. Is. Bored.

With Coal at university and Domrey away on a constant string of assignments from the Royal City, she and her sister Snow are stuck at Seranfyll Manor with their tutor Professor Digory, who has to be the dullest teacher on the face of the earth. She craves a break from the monotony or, even better, an adventure like the ones she only gets to read about in books.

A voyage to the jungles of Amyrania should do the trick. When Domrey agrees to do a favor for the king, Rain and the others get to set sail with him on what sounds like an exciting but relatively simple assignment. However, despite its tourist-friendly facade, Amyrania is called the “Untamed Isle” for good reason, and this adventure will prove to be more than any of them had bargained for.

Join Rain, Coal, Domrey, and a host of old and new friends (and enemies) in this exciting sequel to Seranfyll.


This was a phenomenal read.  Daley takes a very in-depth look at the atrocities of slavery in her novels, and I just love how well written and interesting her books really are.   Rain and Snow are my favorite.  They’re the epitome of teenagers everywhere.  They’re looking for adventures, bored by mundane schoolwork, and intent on having as much fun as possible.  But they’ve also got strong heads on their shoulders.  Having been slaves at one point in their lives, they are all too aware of the evils that penetrate the world and want to work to fix it as much as possible. And so they do as they embark on some amazing adventures, full of joy and perils, and I was captivated from the very start.

This is a great sequel to Seranfyll,and I just loved it!  The story is very fast paced and I highly enjoyed the voyage to the Amyrania jungles.  Although full of fantasy and epic world building, the story is extremely real, and I love how Daley is able to make the story stand out so much from other novels out there.  Full of poignant themes regarding self worth, the atrocities of slavery, coming of age, and having hope/faith in oneself, this is a must read for all ages.

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


hmmm i am very interested in this i really hope it ends up on the nook im gonna go look it up now!

Jeannette says:

I look forward to reading your book. I am open to reading anything. Best Wishes….

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