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{February 26, 2012}   {Review} Vampire Hallows by Tim O’Rouke (Kiera Hudson #5)

Goodreads: With nowhere else to run to but the Hollows, Kiera Hudson finds herself in a world like no other. Entrusted with a secret, she has to make her way to the mysterious Light House set hundreds of miles beneath the Earth. As she makes her journey, Kiera’s companions are being murdered one by one. But is the killer amongst them and is it Elias Munn?

Not knowing who to trust, who to love and who to believe, Kiera makes the most dangerous journey of her life, in search of the Elders hidden within the walls of the Dust Palace. With time running out, Kiera knows she must finally choose which race should live and which race should die.

The final installment in Kiera Hudson Series One.


O’Rourke’s final book in the first Kiera Hudson Series has left me breathless, and I am on pins and needles waiting for the second series to begin.  O’Rouke is already hard at work writing his newest series, a continuation of the first Kiera Hudson Series that will take on a completely different perspective from what we’re used to, and you’ll see why when you finish Vampire Hallows!  

Wow!  This is such an epic read, and the entire series has been riveting, but overall, I have to say that this final novel is my favorite.  So many things happen in this novel, so many things change, so many characters die, friends become foes, foes become friends… and the one extremely well kept secret… the one I’ve been dying to know, have speculated about, and have bitten my nails to the quick about… is finally answered.  And, yes, it is shocking!!!  While I thought I knew who Elias Munn was on many an occasion as I read the entire series, I actually only got it right once, and that was only in a fleeting guess.  Upon the true revelation, I was flabbergasted and devastated, but O’Rouke has set it up so perfectly as this final novel grabs your attention, takes you for an amazing ride, and then leaves you dying for more. 

I am in awe of O’Rouke.  He’s flawlessly tied together five and a half books in this series, drawing upon events from past novels in order to bring it all together in this epic conclusion, while also setting the stage for the new series. I can’t even fathom how O’Rourke does it all, but he’s an amazing writer.  And you know what I love about this book the most?  While it’s dark, and it’s sad, by the end the reader is engulfed in happiness again.  It’s an emotional rollercoaster, but rest assured everything works out well in the end, and the next epic read is on the way, with the release of Kiera Hudson: Dead Flesh coming out in March!  Hallelujah, I am in love with this series and cannot wait for more!  Five stars.

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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