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18718570From Goodreads: Mina Porter’s mother sent her away because of a terrible secret. When Mina meets tattooed bad boy Jax McElvoy, she’s immediately drawn to him, but not for the reasons he might think.

Jax falls for Mina too, but quickly figures out she’s hiding something. He’s determined to break down her walls and find out her secret. But Jax soon realizes he should have just let hidden secrets stay buried, because this one will cost him his dearly.

Unscathed is a contemporary romance with a deadly twist by bestselling author Tim O’Rourke and author C.J. Pinard.


One. Crazy. Lady.  That’s what I kept thinking as I read this novel.  Mina seems harmless enough in the beginning, but as readers learn small snippets about her past, mainly her love for her phone and taking pictures of others without their knowledge, it becomes quite clear that something is up, and the more that’s revealed, the more sinister and insane it all seems to be.  However, there’s a rhyme and a reason behind it all, as I’ve learned is always the case with novels by Tim O’Rourke, and together with C.J. Pinard, another gem has been created with a twist so shocking that I didn’t see it coming (not even a little bit).

Of course, this novel has some aspects of the paranormal intertwined, but as the synopsis doesn’t reveal this, I imagine most readers will be thrown for quiet a loop, as I was, especially if they’re looking for a straight contemporary romance.  Romance there is, and this novel is definitely full of swoon worthy scenes between Mina and Jax, but be pre-warned, nothing is as it seems.  Four stars.

 4 starsI received this novel from the authors in exchange for an honest review.


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