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{October 7, 2013}   {Review} Disturbing Bedtime Tales by Dean Wilkinson

12828047From Goodreads: Disturbing Bedtime Tales is an anthology that takes the medium of the fairytale and fable to new dimensions of dark and twisted, comedic surrealism. From the story of Brasnips the Pisswitch, who terrorises a village by slashing on its vegetable yield, to the fable of The Chronic Arsetronaut, the first sexist man in outer space, these fragmented parables will leave you wide-eyed and wondering if there really is a God.

The Liar, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Angels of the Garden Shed and Wee Willy Knicker-Sniffer are the cautionary tales the Brothers Grimm nearly wrote but thought better of and the ideas Hans Christian Andersen dismissed as the onset of madness.



These were extremely short and even more so vulgar.  From stuffing couches with feces, to random interjections of things like the titanic, mice, and gnomes, to a witch with melons for breasts and who pees on vegetables, this is not for me.  I was put off by how putrid the stories were, and I didn’t find them funny in the least.  The references to sex and sexual acts was also extremely off-putting and I don’t recommend this novel for anyone.  There was so much randomness and vulgarity, as if the author was trying to go for shock value, but in my opinion, it didn’t hit its mark.  It’s just gross.  The potential was there for a great read, but the vulgarity and random acts of disgust dropped it short. One and a half stars.

1.5  starsI received this anthology from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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