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{August 5, 2013}   {Review} Club Monstrosity by Jesse Petersen (Monstrosity #1)

15825690From Goodreads: Natalie’s one of Frankenstein’s creations and works in a New York City morgue. So of course she needs therapy. She and her friends—er, fellow monsters—have formed the world’s most exclusive, most dysfunctional support group. What could go wrong?

Undetected in the modern world and under pressure to stay that way, Natalie Grey, Dracula, Bob the Blob, and others (including the fetching wolfman Alec) meet regularly to talk about the pressures of being infamous in the Big Apple. Topics include how long it’s been since their last sighting, how their “story” creates stereotypes they can’t fulfill, and—gasp—sometimes even their feelings. But when their pervy Invisible Man, Ellis, is killed in a manner reminiscent of the H.G. Wells novel, it’s clear someone’s discovered their existence and is down for some monster busting.

Led by Natalie—and definitely not helped by Hyde’s bloodthirsty tendencies—the members of Monstofelldosis Anonymous band together for security and a little sleuthing. And maybe—maybe—if they don’t end up dead, they’ll end up friends somewhere along the way.


This novel had great potential, but it didn’t deliver as I had hoped. Perhaps it’s my preconceived notions of the monsters that are represented in this novel, but I expected them to be… different.  Stronger, more assertive, and sure of themselves.  But, in truth, they’re just the opposite.  Full of hatred and malice towards one another, the lot was more skittish and scared to move forward and act, content to hide away for the rest of their lives.  Their constant bickering, while I believe an attempt at humor, didn’t adhere them to my heart any, either.  Instead, I found myself annoyed by their antics and lack of confidence.  I understand that they’ve been in hiding for a very long time, but these character’s inability to stand up for themselves throughout a majority of the novel made it hard for me to enjoy, especially as some whined constantly, which is not how I expect a monster to act in the least.

Overall, this novel was the opposite of what I was expecting, though the premise was great.  I think those going in without any preconceived notions will enjoy this novel, if they know that the monsters we’ve learned about him English class aren’t necessarily the ones portrayed in this novel.  Two stars.

2 stars

Originally, I was given access to this title by Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books Publishers via Netgalley, but as they did not supply a Kindle friendly version, I ended up purchasing this novel from Amazon.

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