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{January 13, 2012}   {Review} Death Screams by Tamara Rose Blodgett (Death Series #3)

From Goodreads: Caleb’s second year of high school starts off without a hitch until Jade touches the wrong clairvoyance sample that foretells a murder in her future. Will she remain safe even while assisting police officers Garcia and Gale in a race to prevent a cataclysmic death?

Sophie and Jonesy aren’t seeing things eye to eye, but when her safety is threatened by an attacker targeting Astral-Projection girls, they put their differences aside. The FDA approved depressant has begun to be administered to the teens for suppression of paranormal abilities during sleep for safety reasons. Or so they’ve been told.

Carson and Brett have escalated the violence that they perpetrate and leave Caleb no choice but to reciprocate. After saving the newest member of their group from certain abuse, Caleb knows the bull’s-eye is dead center on him. Again.

Does Caleb use the undead as a weapon of defense while his group hangs in the balance of imminent peril?


I love this series.  I really do.  It has everything I could ever want in a YA book: drama, paranormal activity, strong male and female leads, suspense, romance, quirky characters, real life dialogue, parent/children bonds, difficult choices, resolutions, action… and the list goes on.  Blodgett is an amazing writer and I’m so grateful that she produces her novels one right after the other… the wait alone would kill me if these came out in yearly installments.  Instead, Blodgett has written and published five full novels since March 2011, and the fact that they all average a 4+ star rating on review sites is extremely impressive. 

This third installment in the Death Series is just as phenomenal as the first two, delving deeper into the lives of Caleb, Jade, and the rest of their friends as they take on their second year of high school.  A much darker novel then the first two, Death Screams finds Caleb struggling to control his anger as he continues to grow and wield his ability as a corpse raiser, a Cadaver-Manipulator.  Faced with many challenges, including his overwhelming need to keep Jade safe from all harm, Caleb must make extremely difficult decisions, including whether or not to murder.  I really enjoyed watching Caleb as he begins going through the rites of passage, coming of age in a time when the government attempts to control all teens manifesting.  His love for Jade is deepening, but his constant battle against his rage foreshadows difficult times in the future, and though I don’t want bad things to happen to these wonderful characters, it seem inevitable, especially if Caleb cannot learn to control himself.

I enjoyed the different perspective within this novel as well.  While in the third-person point of view, the novel divides so that each chapter follows the situations and inner thoughts of one of the characters.  While it mostly shadows Caleb, our protagonist, it is extremely interesting to obtain glimpses into Jade’s thought process, as well as that the other characters too.  I have always loved when this happens with the dog’s point of view, and now Blodgett has added the other characters to the mix, making it much more personal and alluring as we embark on this journey with the characters.

I really think that these books are great for any YA lover, but especially for the male population as it follows the life of Caleb.  It’s rare that we see teenage males take the lead in YA books, and I highly recommend this novel, as well as ALL Blodgett’s work!  She is absolutely amazing.  Five stars. 



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