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{May 13, 2013}   {Review} The End of the Computer by Andre Mikhailovich Solonitsyn

9781618420169_p0_v1_s260x420From Goodreads: Share the spine-chilling thrills and great emotional epiphanies as this company of friends are forced into the adventure of leaving their hollow lives in Moscow and Berkeley and becoming the earth mothers and fathers of Thunder Valley… if any of them survive the journey.

Thrill with the discovery that a hypercomputer can be fun, kind, happy… and the most dangerous person in existence to those who would destroy the earth – with the possible exception of one strange and lovely woman who grew up being told she was mentally deficient and utterly broken.

As this company of friends get to know each other better, the story accelerates into hyper-drive, with heart-pounding crisis after crisis, drawing you ever closer to The End of this high-stakes game for the continued existence of the human race on Earth. Winner takes all. If there is one.

I’m sorry to say that this novel is not for me.  The synopsis was intriguing, but the story itself was not what I expected. It’s very scientific and matter-of-fact–from the very first page, and getting through it was very difficult for me as I didn’t know what the characters were talking about a majority of the time. Likewise, the character names were long and difficult for me to keep straight, so I struggled with that aspect as well in terms of understanding the story.   I’m sure people more interested in science and history book-like writing will enjoy this more than I did. It’s just not for me. One star.

1 star

I was gifted a copy of this novel, from Amazon, in exchange for an honest review.

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