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{September 11, 2011}   {Review} Blood Calling by Joshua Grover David Patterson (Blood Calling #1)

From Goodreads: When Lucy Leary turned 18, her life fell apart.  She crashed her car, her best friend abandoned her, her parents divorced, and her grandfather passed away, leaving her a single possession: A vampire slaying kit with a note that said, “THEY’RE REAL.  FIGHT THEM.”

Now Lucy must stop the oldest, most dangerous vampire in history, before it can kill her family.


Patterson doesn’t disappoint with his latest novel, Blood Calling, a new take on vampires and vampire hunters, one that is so unique and different that it had my attention from the very beginning.  Lucy’s life is spiraling out of control and the last thing she needs is to find out vampires really exist, or to meet one in “the flesh.”  Yet, these vampires aren’t exactly what she expected, and Lucy finds herself  in over her head, in more than one way.

I really enjoyed this novel.  Not only does the reader get to step into the world of vampires, but Patterson also gives the reader insight into their past lives, in small increments, spurring the reader on until the end.  Ranging as far back as Jesus’ times to those of slavery, the back stories for both Wash and Emma are extremely well thought out and written in such a way that the reader can’t help but feel sorry for them.  It causes the reader to connect with these vampires on a much deeper level once s/he realizes their “turning” wasn’t a glorious event, that they didn’t choose this lifestyle, but that their turning was one full of pain.  I also loved that Patterson takes history and intertwines it with vampire folklore in order to create these back stories, creating an interesting “historical” aspect for the novel that will make the reader want to go back to their history books and reread certain sections.  Of course, as the story unfolds and both Lucy and the reader learn more about the world of vampires, both good and bad, the characters begin to come alive right off the page, further making this a must read novel.

Told through the snarky voice of Lucy as she relates her story, the reader is sure to fall in love with everything about his novel, and  I highly recommend it to all ages, especially for any vampire lovers out there. Four stars.

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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