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{April 12, 2013}   {Review} Disconnected by A.K. Adles

12621992From Goodreads: “Love at first sight is so much easier when time moves in the right direction.”

Rebecca has just met Mark, and thinks he might be her ideal man. He’s funny. He’s smart. He has a time wormhole in his telephone that gives them access to unimaginable wealth. These all qualify as ‘PROS’.


I am so sorry to say that this novel isn’t for me.  Personally, I had too many issues with the novel to enjoy it in the least, though I do think the premise is there for a truly great read.  Going in, I was excited as I liked the synopsis and the idea that Mark’s phone created a sort of time-travel experience, but upon reading, I found that I didn’t care for either of the main leads. While the beginning started off okay,  I soon found that the interactions between the characters, especially Mark and Rebecca, seemed a bit unrealistic and juvenile. Both have an obsession with sex, and for me, romance isn’t based on sexual attraction or physical release, so I didn’t see the romance aspect of the novel at all.  The sections were also quite choppy, jumping from one scene to the next without really setting the scene or the background to serve the characters and their situations justice, in my eyes.  And, as a teacher myself, I really had an issue with the fact that Rebecca talked about her relationship issues with her students.  That’s a huge no-no, and it turned me off immediately.  Truth be told, I think this novel has a lot of potential, and the ending was quite interesting, but I didn’t like the characters enough, or their plight, to really enjoy the novel at all.  Personal preferences, I guess.  One star.


I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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