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{March 17, 2013}   {Review} Exercise for Weight Loss by P. Seymour (How to Lose 100 Pounds)

15716551From Goodreads: Whether you are working to lose 100 lbs or that last 20 lbs, figuring our your strategy for how you should be exercising is one of the bigger pieces to the weight loss puzzle.

This book is not a “how to” guide in terms of actually doing the exercise. It is a book about how the author manages to create an exercise plan that fits her lifestyle and how you can do this too.

It’s about taking a three-pronged approach to exercise right from the beginning of your weight loss plan and tips for finding the right types of exercise that you will enjoy and be motivated to do longer term.

Like the other books in this series, this one is all about finally creating a plan that can work for you to get the weight off in a way that is fun and realistic.

This book, like the previous volumes, is a quick read told from a very real perspective.

If you’re looking for some help and motivation for finally getting the exercise piece of your weight loss plan under control, then “Exercise for Weight Loss” is for you! Grab your copy today!


I picked up a copy of this “guide” novella when it was free on Amazon and didn’t realize that it’s one book in a series. This one happens to be book five.  After I read through it, I perused the rest of the novellas to see what they’re about, but, truth be told, I wasn’t impresses with the synopsis’ of any of them, nor with the information in this one, really.

I know the synopsis for this particular novella explicitly says it’s not a “how to” book, but I didn’t read that when I picked it up.  Instead, I saw the cover and thought I’d be getting a “how to” book with a plan I could use.  In that sense, the title of this novella, and series, is misleading.  What this novella does it tell you how the author lost her weight by creating an exercise plan, but that we’re all different and will have to find our own plan.  And, I found it very repetitive.  In fact, I personally didn’t learn anything new in this novella except that weight training will help take off excessive skin if you are losing a ton of weight.  That’s good to know, since I’d like to lose a lot of weight.  But, other than that, I didn’t really get much out of this short novella.  Two stars.

2 stars

I picked up a copy of this novella from Amazon when it was FREE.


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