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{January 23, 2013}   {Review} The Falstaff Vampire Files by Lynne Murray

12470599From Goodreads: In this fresh revisioning of the vampire genre, Sir John Falstaff is undead and misbehaving in San Francisco. Middle-aged psychologist Kris Marlowe doesn’t believe in vampires, but when she’s attacked by a horde of murderous monsters, she must seek help from the most famous rogue in history, who once drank ale and now drinks only blood.


This was a very interesting novel.  It certainly isn’t the normal run of the mill vampire story, by any means, and I enjoyed this new take on an old genre. Sir John Falstaff has been “dead” for years.  Holed up in a young bucks shed, John feels he’s been cooped up for much to long when the unthinkable happens… the shed if left unlocked.  Sir John then flees his “cage” to reacquaint himself with the world in this ironically fun tale.

And no, Sir John is not a “bad guy.”  In fact, on many an occasion he can be found roaming the streets and talking to various people, sleeping in his coffin during the day and tell his tale at night.  Nope, Sir John is not shy to state who he is, or to prove it, and before long, Kris Marlowe and her friends are watching out for Sir John, protecting him when he really should be protecting them.  An evil has awaken that will take them all by surprise…

Murray does a great job making Sir John a likable character.  One would think he’d be a bad vampire, and I’ll admit I was skeptical of his intentions from the get go, but my heart warmed to his antics as the novel unfolded.  In truth, it’s less Sir John we need to worry about that the “Others,” as Kris, Violet, Mina, and the rest of the cast soon find out.  These “Others” are unlike any vampire lore I’ve read about, and I thoroughly enjoyed Murray’s creation and description of them.  They come in hoards, and looking them in the eye will be everyone’s downfall, which gives this fun novel a bit of a gruesome feel.

Though I didn’t care for all the characters, Murray has created a great story for those of us out there that enjoy unique novels, twisting what we “know” about vampires and creating a whole new image.  Three stars.

3 stars

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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