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{January 2, 2013}   {Review} Iron’s Prophecy by Julie Kagawa (Iron Fey #4.5)

15724014From Goodreads: Meghan Chase is finally getting used to being the Iron Queen, ruler of the Iron Fey. Her life may be strange, but with former Winter prince Ash by her side at last, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

But when they travel to the Summer and Winter courts’ gathering for Elysium, the oracle from Meghan’s past returns with a dire prophecy: “What you carry will either unite the courts, or it will destroy them.” Now Meghan faces a devastating choice that may determine the future of all fey—and her and Ash’s unborn child…

A novella from the bestselling Iron Fey series.


This is a novella that really should be read between The Iron Knight and The Lost Prince (hence it’s #4.5 in the first Iron Fey series).  I didn’t happen to do it that way… I read it after The Lost Prince (the first novel in the spinoff series of the Iron Fey, Call of the Forgotten), which doesn’t hurt anything, but I really wish I had read this novella prior.

In Iron’s Prophecy, our favorite characters are back—Meghan, Ash, Puck, and Grimalkin—and though things are going well for the characters, for the most part, another quest is on the rise.  his time, it deals with Meghan’s unborn child, and we learn a lot more about the dire circumstances surrounding this child than we did in The Iron Knight.  Not everything is as it seems with this child, and dire things are destined to happen should he be allowed to live.  Now, if you’ve read The Lost Prince, then you know the outcome of this novella already, but what you don’t know is how it came to pass, or why Meghan chose what she did.  In truth, this novella sets up a huge part of the premise for The Lost Prince, which you don’t realize without having read it.  Now, do you have to read Iron Prophecy at all?  No.  Should you?  Of course!  I’ve loved all the novellas by Kagawa concerning the Iron Fey, and this novella is no different.  And, who doesn’t want to know more surrounding the birth of Meghan and Ash’s child?  I think, had I read Iron’s Prophecy prior to The Lost Prince, my thoughts about some of the characters and events would have been different.  So now, knowing what I do, I’m actually planning to go back and re-read The Lost Prince, because some of my thoughts have been tainted, and some of my thoughts were dead wrongIn other words, Iron’s Prophecy is so worth the read.  Four stars.

4 stars

I purchased this novella from Amazon.


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