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{November 23, 2012}   {Review} Gods’ Marks, Book 1 of the Moirean Tapestry by Tara K. Young

From Goodreads: The people of Tryailla have few concerns. The godlike beings that care for them provide anything that is required, but when long forgotten enemies resurface, their peaceful lives are destroyed. With threats appearing all around them, Altruvia and Graiylin, the heirs to the throne, discover the true extent of their own powers.

Unfortunately, their enemies fail to be thwarted by this new obstacle. Taking Altruvia from her home, they hope to use her power for themselves but she is no willing captive. She hones her fledgling abilities in hopes of escape. With these new skills come new insights about those who hold her hostage. There are many more mysteries she must now solve.

With Graiylin aiding her escape, she flees from her captors and the relentlessly pursuing Shinga. They embark upon a search for answers that brings them to Egypt 17,000 years ago where they learn the extent of the secrets their mother had kept from them and that the conflicts that plagued their ancestors have yet to be resolved.


I’m sorry to say that this novel just wasn’t for me.  The idea and the premise are great, but one of the hardest aspects for me to overcome was the love bond between Altruvia and Graiylin.  They are twins, and yet they are destined to be “together”… which makes their relationship all the more difficult for me to stomach.  I know that some cultures and societies, back in the day, wedded siblings together, but I just couldn’t get beyond it and it made me a bit sick as I read.  Had Altruvia and Graiylin not been siblings, I think I might have felt differently, but I just couldn’t get past it, especially as they have a sexual encounter so early on in the novel, which floored me, and their sexual experience acts as the initiation into higher powers… which again, floored me.

Aside from these two main characters, I found the novel itself to be a bit long, but the sci-fi/fantasy aspects of it were very well done.  There are cat people, wolves, and dragons, as well as a prophecy and a series of misunderstandings that make for some great twists and turns.  It is interesting, but again, overall the novel just wasn’t for me.  I think those with a more open mind and a deeper love for science fiction/fantasy will really enjoy this novel, where as I did not.  Two stars.

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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