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{November 9, 2012}   {Review} Prometheus Bound by A.G. Claymore

From Goodreads: In 9 AD, the 17th, 18th, and 19th legions marched into the Teutoborg Forest to crush a rebellion among the Germanii. The legions were never seen again. Quintus Druronius, a young tribune who had come to the province with the new governor, is one of the few survivors and he struggles to escape from the victorious Germanii, carrying the secret knowledge that he may have been the cause of the massacre.

In the dying years of World War 2, Rolf Patzer is pulled from combat duty by a mercurial SS officer who takes him on an enigmatic odyssey, carrying several small crates out of Germany just ahead of the advancing Allied powers.

Jos Fál, a former intelligence operator, reaches out to his old NATO comrades when he finds his fiancée Emily missing and her dig staff murdered. With their help, he begins to unravel the history of an artifact that is older than human civilization. In his struggle to save her, he comes to learn that history is far older than anyone ever imagined, and it is about to come to an end.


This was a really interesting novel following the lives of three different men over the course of history.  I really loved jumping between the past and present, trying to put it all together.  From as far back as the 9th century to the present, these awesome characters are entangled in a web beyond their knowledge base, trying to put together the pieces.

I think my favorite character was Rolf Patzer.  I loved getting to know about his flight during WWII, suspecting the cargo, and getting no answers.  His story really interested me, especially as he ended up having to make a grand escape in order to save his life.  While this is a fictional piece, it really does show the strength of soldiers and I liked it a lot.

Jos’ story is also extremely interesting.  I can’t imagine going to visit my fiancé only to find that her entire team is dead and that she’s been kidnapped.  This game of cat and mouse was really intriguing, and I enjoyed his story immensely, though the ending was a little cryptic, in my opinion, and not as satisfying as I had hoped it would be.  I almost felt like it was a little pushed… events unroll at a very fast pace throughout the entire novel, but once the climax is hit, the novel sort of spirals out of the realm of belief and too much happens too fast, though it’s very interesting idea. This book seems to be a part of a series, so perhaps the next installment will shed more light.  Four stars.

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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