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{September 21, 2012}   {Blog Tour and Review} Unlikely Allies by Tiffany King

From Goodreads: Eighteen-year-old Kimberly gets the shock of her life when she learns the father she thought was dead is not only very much alive, but never even knew she existed. Angry with her mother for lying all these years, Kimberly flies to Colorado to meet the father she knows nothing about before heading off to college in the fall.

Her father’s world turns out to be nothing like she expected. Rather than the typical nine to five lifestyle, Kimberly’s father runs a summer foster camp that teaches young children skills to build their confidence and self-esteem. The Colorado Rocky Mountains are a different world than the sunny shores of California, taking Kimberly completely out of her element, and causing her to second-guess her spur of the moment decision.

Never being one to quit anything, Kimberly is determined to show her father that a surfer girl can fit into this rugged mountain wilderness. That is if she can deal with Mason, an arrogant nineteen-year-old guy who has made it his mission to point out every mistake she has made since her arrival. While she would love nothing more than to rub it in his know-it-all face, Kimberly can’t deny the feelings he stirs up inside her, or the chemistry between them, even during their verbal assaults.

When a tragic accident leaves them stranded in the mountains, Kimberly must use her shaky skills to save Mason and survive the elements. Suddenly, fighting is the last thing on their minds as they must rely on each other if they want to live. In their struggle for survival, they realize what they thought they knew about each other isn’t true after all.


Once again, King has blown my mind with another beautiful young adult novel that sucked me in from start to finish.  I absolutely adore King’s books, all of them, and Unlikely Allies is another gem that I highly recommend to any who enjoy a sound, realistic plot line, swoon worthy characters, a bit of drama, and a triumphant ending.

Kimberly, our protagonist and a highly engaging character, is visiting her father for the first time, having just found out about his existence.  Whisked away from California to the Rocky Mountains, she is in for a “rude awakening,” but in my opinion, Kimberly handles herself extremely well.  Though she doesn’t necessarily fit in with those around her, she shoulders the animosity of some campers/staff extremely well, while quickly making friends with others.  I really enjoyed her happy-go-lucky attitude, and though I’ll say the book moved a bit faster than I would have liked (I so wanted more of Mason and Kimberly), I really loved every moment of it, especially the witty banter.

Mason, nicknamed “Greeky” for his Greek god physic and attitude, is to die for.  Though he is downright nasty in the beginning, I found his search within himself to be extremely real and well written.  Mason’s life hasn’t been peaches and cream, and the appearance of Kimberly brings extreme thoughts of jealousy to the forefront as, in my opinion, they should—we’re only human, after all, and if someone walked into my life and laid claim to the only person who’d kept me grounded throughout everything I experienced, I’d probably react the same way Mason does.  But with time, all things heal, and I loved watching both Kimberly and Mason fight their attraction only to realize their true feelings for one another… though the timing couldn’t be worse as they’re thrust into a battle to survive…  (and I just loved this… my heart was in my throat for the remainder of the story).

King’s story is highly engaging, bringing to life not only the characters, but also the Rocky Mountains.  I’ve never been there, but through the descriptions of the wilderness and the harsh realities of an unforgivable terrain, I was easily able to imagine it every step of the way.  I love novels where I’m drawn into the scenery as much as I am into the characters’ lives, and King achieves both in this latest release. Five stars.

5 stars

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


I haven’t heard of this one, but it definitely sounds interesting. I like books were the characters evolve throughout the story and Mason’s story in this one sounds like it could be really good. =)

Heather K. says:

I love all of Tiffany’s books. Before this one, Wishing for Someday Soon was my favorite but now I think it’s this one! I love it!:)

I love the description of the book. I am really interested in getting my hands on it now. I’ve added it to my wish list for my next round of book purchases. Thank you!

Great review!! I know from reading your many – and awesome! – posts that you are a big fan of Tiffany King’s, but I have not yet read anything by her. You’ve intrigued me with each of your reviews, though, and I keep adding them to my Wish List on Amazon!! :) As another commenter stated, I like very much the idea of a young male character who actually grows and matures – and is conscious of it!! That is very appealing! Of course the Greek god physique doesn’t hurt either…

Tina says:

This is the only book by Tiffany I ain’t read yet,n from your review it too sounds Awesomesauce,I love her mind n her writin’ style. (-:

Amy Quinn says:

I haven’t read the book but it sounds like something I would enjoy. I love the surviving-the-wilderness aspect.

krystalclearbookreviews says:

I loved this review!!! Tiffany is my all time number 1 favorite author! And I tell her this all the time!!! This is her best book yet! I didn’t think her books could get any better then they already were but I guess I was wrong!! I read this book in 1 sitting!!! They day it came out!! I couldn’t put it down!!!!!!

krystalclearbookreviews says:

I LOVED this book!!! I think this was Tiffany’s best book to date!!! She’s my number one all time favorite author and I tell her that all the time!!! In didn’t think her books could get any better then they already were but this book was AMAZING!!!!! I love Tiffany!!!! She’s the kindest sweetest person EVER!!!! Loved your review!!!

I loved this story too. Tiff did such a great job on it!!

Rochere Whitaker says:

I love love love books & giveaways, Thank you so much for giveaway…Win or lose cant wait to dig into this book.

Colleen says:

Thanks for the review! I have heard of some of King’s work, but have not read anything. This looks like a great one to start off with!

Amber Hughes says:

I loved her books “Wishing for Someday Soon” & “Forever Changed”, so I’m definitely looking forward to reading this one too! Her books bring out so many emotions, but I love that! Great review :-)

I love Tiffany. She is so great. This book looks amazing and I cannot wait to read it!

YAY! I’m so glad you loved it!! Thanks for being part of the tour.


mamabunny13 says:

This book sounds so good! I can’t wait to read about how Kimberly puts her survival skills to work. I love a book with well developed characters.

You had me at “I found his search within himself to be extremely real and well written”. Love a guy who grows and matures. This book sounds right up my alley. I’ll probably be able to see myself and my husband in Kimberly and Mason (at least when it comes to the learning of survival skills thing). This book is definitely going in the to be read pile! Thank you!

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