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{January 4, 2012}   {Review} Demon’s Night by Guido Henkel (Jason Dark-Ghost Hunter #1)

From Goodreads: A series of bizarre deaths leaves the victims unnaturally desiccated and decaying, sending Jason Dark into the dangerous world of the London dockyards in search of a supernatural murderer. But is the paranormal investigator prepared to duel a full-fledged demon on a Hell-bent mission to create chaos and catastrophe throughout the earth, a fiend determined to wreak more death and destruction than his even more ominous Master?

This is the first volume a series of gothic horror adventures where Jason Dark, a fearless and resourceful ghost hunter, sets out to solve a supernatural mystery.


I was really impressed with this novella and am excited to read all of Henkel’s work after having read this first installment in the Jason Dark series.  Henkel is a fabulous writer, and this novella is like a Sherlock Holmes story intertwined with paranormal elements and demon activity. 

Henkel doesn’t waste any time with preliminary information, but rather jumps right into the action of the story, making it the reader’s job to keep up.  While the reader isn’t given any background information concerning who exactly Jason Dark is, or where he hails from, it becomes quickly apparent that Dark is a kick butt character intent on saving others and ridding the world of evil demons, one at a time.  I liked the idea that Dark isn’t completely known to us either as Henkel presented him in a rather shrouded light, creating even more elements of gothic mystery as the story unfolds.

I especially enjoyed the multiple perspectives of this story as Henkel shifts between Jason and the demon he is in pursuit of, giving the reader more glimpses into the story to aid the plot along.  I haven’t yet pinpointed the time period of this series, as I’ve only read this first piece, but I’m thinking it’s sometime in the early 1900s based on the carriages and other context clues Henkel adds to his story, and that is a time period I vastly enjoy!  Four stars.

I received a copy of this novella from the author in exchange for an honest review


Raine says:

I followed this link from your review of the second book. I haven’t of this series yet. This something I would read with a Sherlock Holmes vibe plus not knowing much of the character’s background is simply intriguing, I think.

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