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{March 13, 2012}   {Review} Blood Singers by Tamara Rose Blodgett

From Goodreads:  A sub-species of human beings…

Twenty-year old Julia Wade, a young woman tragically widowed, is in the middle of a bizarre bid between two mythical species who are vying for the unique properties she offers; her blood. The vampires need her to balance the food load of the human species and give them their coveted “Lightwalkers.” The Were wish to be moonless changers; a Rare One can make that a reality.

Julia wants to belong to herself.

Can she free herself and begin a new life?


Blodgett has broached the vampire/were genre in her latest novel, Blood Singers, giving readers a unique perspective of the two factions.  She does a superb job presenting each distinct group within her novel, fleshing them out to the point that they become almost tangible.  The characters seem to leap off the pages as the story unfolds, diving deeper into the past while focusing on the present and future to come.  

Blodgett uses a wonderful technique in her storytelling, focusing on the present, but giving the reader small glimpses into the past as well.  This allows two different stories, two different worlds, if you will, to co-exist as Julia deals with the present, the revelation that vampires and weres do exist, and her remembrance of the past, what seems like a lifetime ago when Julia was carefree and deeply in love.  The suspense builds as the reader is given small glimpses into past events, piecing them together in order to figure out how Julia came to be where she is when the story opens.  From the very beginning, the reader is cast deep into the action of the story as the vampires and weres go to war over blood, but it isn’t until Julia’s background is laid bare for the reader that all the pieces begin to fit together.

Julia is a very strong, resolute character.  Though she is scared and longs for her life that once was, she does not lose faith or breakdown.  Instead, she takes a stand against both factions, and though she is only one against many, she does not back down. I really liked this about Julia and was excited that Blodgett chose to create such a strong female lead.  After the loss of her husband, friends, and life as she knew it, it would have been understandable if Julia gave in to the forces around her, but her spunk and constant fight to maintain control of her destiny made her a very well rounded character that captures the readers’ attention.   

Blodgett’s explanation of the sub-human group, the Singers, was especially intriguing and eye opening.  I enjoyed the descriptions of their abilities and how they fit into the world around them, and I also enjoyed getting to know the vast array of characters that set the stage for this intriguing novel.  Complete with a twist at the end that leaves readers yearning for more, Blodgett has written another masterpiece, and I cannot wait to learn more about the groups and Julia’s plight in the next novel.  Four stars.

I recieved a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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Thank you for sharing about Blood Singers today. I would love to read it and appreciate the giveaway opportunity :)

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