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{January 10, 2012}   {Review} Dead by Dawn by Guido Henkel (Jason Dark-Ghost Hunter #7)

From Goodreads: The unexpected death of their next door neighbor rattles occult detectives Jason Dark and Siu Lin. But does a woman in good health simply drop dead by dawn? The Geisterjäger is not convinced and suspects something more wicked and sinister is at work in London. As his investigation leads him down to the seedy underbelly of society, things more mysterious than he expected reveal themselves, making it clear that the ghost hunter will need all of his skills and resources to put an end to the horrors that stalk the night.


I love that each of Henkel’s novellas begins with a death of some sort.  I’m onto the seventh book in the series, and I’m just now making this observation, but even so, I absolutely love it.  I think it adds to the mystery of the novellas as we then have to figure out, alongside Jason Dark and Siu Lin, what happened and why.

This was a really interesting story, especially as I didn’t have a clue who the culprit was and was taken aback when I finally did find out, at the same time as Jason Dark.  I really enjoyed this novella as it deals with one of those vendors that pawn off fake medication, reminding me very much of a scene in Pete’s Dragon. I just thought this was great, and I loved watching Jason Dark and the other characters as they began to figure out the cause of all the deaths throughout London, starting with their next-door neighbor.  This is the first novella is which the death strikes close to home and is a more personal matter than the others, and I truly enjoyed it!  Four stars.

I received a copy of this novella from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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