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{July 9, 2011}   ARC Review: The Last ArchAngel, by Michael D Young

From Goodreads: Xandir has been exiled to earth until the end of time. But when his cherub trainee disappears, Xandir makes a deal with rogue angels and giants that could restore life to the mortal woman he loves and end his assignment as a destroying angel in exchange for helping them bring about the end of the world and all of mankind.


Cedar Fort has been extremely gracious to allow me to read an ARC of this novel, via Netgalley, prior to its release on July 14, 2011, and so I’m extremely sorry to say that I just didn’t care for this story.  The idea of giants was a new concept for me in terms of angel themed novels, and while I really enjoyed the idea, the characters and situations within the novel didn’t spark my interest as much as I had anticipated.  While Young is a talented writer, this story itself didn’t pull me in and I struggled to connect with the many characters introduced within the novel.  This lack of connection, in and of itself, made the reading of this novel quite difficult for me and, to be honest, I thought about setting the book aside because I wasn’t too interested.  Though I did finish the novel, I am saddened to say that my feelings towards it did not change as the story unfolded, and although the action within the novel was non-stop, I think it all was a little too much for me.  One star. 


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