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{February 15, 2011}   Knifepoint, by Alex Van Tol

From the dust jacket:  “Jill took a job that sounded perfect for the summer, guiding tourists on trail rides in the beautiful mountains.   She didn’t realize that the money was terrible, the hours long and the coworkers insufferable. After a blow-up with her boss, she takes a single man into the mountains for a ride, only to finds that he is a dangerous killer. When Jill fights back and manages to escape, she is in a desperate race to survive and make it to safety.”


Orca Book Publishers is an organization that produces fiction for reluctant readers, especially readers on the lower spectrum, with a reading level of about second grade to fourth grade.  Knifepoint comes from the Orca Soundings series, which is for those ages 12+, and is written in a way that the reader, especially a reluctant reader, can easily understand. 

I borrowed this from the library at school today.  One thing I really hate about library books is that they put the stickers right over the back of the book so you can’t read the synopsis… so I went into this book blind.  I picked it up mainly because of the title, Knifepoint.  Having no idea what I was about to read, I began the book with trepidation, thinking it would be way below my interest and reading level (which is why I’ve never read an Orca Soundings book before).  While it is below my reading level, it is right on target with interest level, and I was hooked!  Now, the beginning of this book is a little slow–Jill describes her summer job as a ranch hand, and I really didn’t understand where the book was going, but very soon the story picked up and the suspense of the novel was really killing me.  My heart started to accelerate as Jill realized that she was alone with a psychopathic killer, and I could not put the book down!  I can’t remember ever reacting to a book the way I did with Knifepoint; it was crazy to actually feel my heart beating through my chest.  The story was so real; I can see how this novel could really help reluctant readers become interested in reading.  It’s a very fast read, but well worth it!  Four stars!

Check out my Orca Book Publishers page for more information, titles, and reviews for reluctant readers!


Alex says:

Hey, thanks for the positive review! I’m pleased that Knifepoint swept you away (if only for a little while). I, too, love to read books that make me forget the real world. (In the midst of Stephen King’s Under the Dome right now…)

Keep up the great work reviewing!

Ms. B says:

Thank you for an awesome novel! I am very excited to read Viral, and hope to post a review of it soon.

Thank you for this interesting recommendation!

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