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FlashesFrom Goodreads: Risking his reputation and career, Detective Constable Tom Henson takes Charley to the scene of Kerry Underwood’s death. Charley is still convinced that what she has seen in her flashes proves that Kerry’s death was no accident but the work of a serial killer.


In this second part of O’Rourke’s serial, the focus shifts from Charley, the girl who can see past events through a succession of flashes, to Tom, the young police recruit intent on finding the truth in time to stop a killer. Struggling to fit in and make the higher ups believe him, Tom makes a series of rash decisions, which costs him both his credibility and his standing within the police force, and as the story unfold, readers once again find themselves wrapped up in the mystery of it all. While all evidence seems to point to a single suspect, knowing O’Rourke’s writing, it’s safe to say that all bets are off when it comes to the truth, and while it may seem like certain people are guilty, I know O’Rourke is going to drop a bombshell on readers in the third and final installment, and I can’t wait. This second portion of the serial was indeed great fun, and I’m beyond ready to find out what happens next. Five stars.

5 stars

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The full length novel encompassing all portions of this three part serial should be releasing soon.



KHP2From Goodreads: When police recruits Kiera and Tom are ordered to stay away from each other by Sergeant Philips, they can’t help but be drawn back together again.

Working side by side Kiera and Tom solve three more unique mysteries. The first deals with betrayal, the second revenge and the third the greatest mystery of all – love.

Book Two in the ‘The Kiera Hudson Prequels Series’ set before ‘Kiera Hudson Series One and Two).


In this second round of Kiera Hudson Prequels, readers continue to follow Kiera and Tom as they unintentionally find themselves encased in three more unsolved mysteries, unbeknownst to their police Sergeant. And as sparks fly between Kiera and Tom, and the harrowing situations increase, readers easily find themselves transported to the little seaside town, becoming a part of the mystery as it evolves.

It’s no secret that Tim O’Rourke is one of my favorite authors, and as his upcoming novel, Flashes, gets ready for release, O’Rourke is working to tie his characters and readers together as the characters novels branch off to their own novels, and I am so epically excited to read Flashes! Having read a adored the Kiera Hudson Series, both one and two, I am excited that O’Rourke is yet again creating a crossover series, tying together characters so seamlessly and allowing readers to experience the full spectrum of awesomeness that is O’Rourke’s writing.

Kiera can see what others miss—not in a paranormal manner, but more so like Sherlock Holmes, and these prequels, along with the first set, are definitely a must read, especially if you’re new to Tim O’Rourke’s writing. I definitely suggest picking up this series to whet your appetite. Five stars.

5 stars

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The Kiera Hudson PrequelsFrom Goodreads: When 19-year-old police recruit Kiera Hudson joins training college, her curiosity and desire to solve mysteries soon has her investigating a series of creepy and disturbing crimes.

With the help of her friend and colleague, Tom, Kiera is soon caught up in a dark world of strange and inexplicable mysteries, each with a deadly twist.

Three novella length mysteries in one book, set before ‘Kiera Hudson Series One and Two’.


From Tim O’Rourke comes a brand new series featuring the talented police recruit Kiera Hudson before she ever made it to the Ragged Cove.  Follow Kiera as she attends the police academy and uncovers conspiracies of murder and mayhem in this new prequel series; if you’ve ever wondered about Kiera’s life prior to the Ragged Cove and the Vampyrus, then this prequel is definitely a must for you!

I love the entire Kiera Hudson series, both series one and two, so it’s no surprise that this new prequel series was an awesome and fun read for me.  It’s also the perfect starting point for any readers out there who have not yet broached the Kiera Hudson novels.  If you’ve never picked up an O’Rourke novel, then I highly suggest you start here.  O’Rourke is a master storyteller and I can’t wait for more.

In fact, O’Rourke is such a huge crossover fan, weaving together multiple series, and readers should note that the male lead in these prequels, Tom Henson, will be making an appearance in O’Rourke’s new book, Flashes, which comes out later this year.  Just one more crossover for readers that ties all O’Rourke’s novels together, and I love it!!

Honestly, this was a great read, and I really liked getting to know Tom, though I will say that Kiera is still my favorite, for the time being.  Pick up your copy of this awesome prequel today!  Five stars.

5 stars

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Kiera Hudson Eyes #2

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