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12174011From Goodreads: Nathaniel Hewitt is a Patriot and resolute supporter of the Glorious Cause, fighting for liberty and self-governance for the American colonies of Great Britain. When he joins the newly formed Continental Air Cavalry, he quickly establishes himself as one of America’s best fliers. Striving for success against the British kites in the air undermines his efforts to court Constance Whitegate, the daughter of the most vocal loyalist in South Carolina. Together they must stay unified and steadfast in the war that threatens to consume them.


If you love history with a bit of a twist, then this is definitely a novel for you.  Three if by Air adds in the fantastical element of an Air Cavalry to the Revolutionary War, but it also still gives a fairly accurate portrayal of the many events that lead up to America’s freedom from British rule.

Beginning with the Boston Massacre, this novel follows the life of Nathaniel Hewitt as he joins the Cause and fights for liberty from Great Britain, and with his acute attention to detail, Koepke draws his readers in from the very first page as we begin to learn how truly dire life was for those in the colonies.  Nathaniel Hewitt is a very well fleshed out character, and Koepke does a great job making him real for us as readers.  We follow him closely throughout the War, and though the novel is a tad long for my tastes, I really enjoyed this in-depth look at our hero, as well as the alternate look at a battle we’ve heard so much about in our history classes as young students.

I’m not really one for mechanism and scientific explanation, though, so I personally found some of the information regarding the Continental Air Cavalry to be beyond my attention span, but the story itself intrigued me more than enough.  It’s the idea of “what if” that really gets me as I read this story.  Though a little early for the advent of gliders, in terms of history, the Air Cavalry really added to this alternate history, and the twists it brought about (when it wasn’t being technical) were quite interesting to me.  Three stars.

3 stars

I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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