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Magic HighFrom Goodreads: Welcome to Andrew High, a school for mages…

That is, until its doors are opened to the non-magical, or “normie,” population. That means no more magic allowed on school property. For Tabetha Long, whose powers are directly related to emotions, hiding her magic is difficult. When her mother is hired as the new gym teacher, and her father comes back to town with is reality television show, difficult becomes impossible.

Now her every move is being caught on video and everyone else at school wants in too. All Tabetha wants is to become invisible.

But then the mysterious and cute new guy, Eric wouldn’t be able to see her either…


High school is never easy, but imagine going to an all magic school and suddenly finding out that “normies,” non magic folk, will be populating the school soon due to an unforeseen shut down of their own facility? Imagine being forced to hide who you are after not having to do so for years? Now wrap that up into your worst year of high school, and you’ve got Magic High.

With a little bit of romance, some botched up spells, and lots of humorous situations, Magic High is a cute and enjoyable read complete with magic and ghosts.  I absolutely loved Tabetha’s voice and the way she carries herself throughout the entire novel. She’s just a little bit quirky and snarky, and the perfect narrator for this fun read, especially when it comes to the drama of high school.

I really enjoyed this, especially the ghost aspect. I had an inkling from the get-go, but until it was 100% revealed, I wasn’t sure. Gaudet does a great job foreshadowing by not overdoing it, leaving enough mystery and anticipation there for readers to enjoy while creating an intriguing read that will bring a smile to your face long after it’s done.  I really enjoyed this novel and highly suggest both MG and YA readers scoop it up.  Four stars.

4 stars

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