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The KnowingFrom Goodreads: Not everyone can stay sane watching murder through the eyes of the killer, feeling him kill. She’s Haitian, born from love, raised with strength. Can she stop the visions if she stops the killer? His secrets threaten to destroy her world. Which one will survive?

This was a fun paranormal novel surrounding a psychic connection between a young woman and a murderer. Nia struggles when the snow comes; it means that the murderer is on the prowl, and soon she’ll witness him murder again, just as she does every year… but this year she decides to do something about it. Though perhaps not the most rational of ideas, she runs to the warmest climate she can find in a pinch: Hawaii. Little does she know, this is exactly what the killer wants…

Though a little unrealistic at times, The Knowing was a good read overall. It was fun getting to know Nia; she’s a little bit spacey and flakey at times, and I definitely had my “yelling through the pages” moments as she made a few poor decisions, but with the help of unlikely friends, she stays on top of it all in this game of cat and mouse, a game that ends with a suspenseful climax that had me on the edge of my seat.

Though I didn’t necessarily find Nia’s relationships with the people of Hawaii to be too believable—they were all just a little too accepting, especially Trace and Whitney—I also have never lived in Hawaii, and I have indeed heard it is a much more laid back place. While it has it’s own share of crime, the people there tend to be just a little more understanding, so as I reflect, I have to note that yes, it actually is possible… it just isn’t be the way I personally approach people. I would have liked the relationship building here to have been a little more in-depth, I guess, because then I might have felt it was more believable as I read, but either way, in the end, it works for the story.

There is a lot of action in the novel surrounding Haitian roots, and it was fun to learn the lore as well as learn the true reason that Nia is connected to a psychopathic killer. I have to admit I wasn’t ready for the reveal—and neither was Nia—but as it’s revealed relatively early on in the story, it grew on me and as everything began to fall into place, it began to make perfect sense. Three stars.

3 stars

I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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