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The MechanicFrom Goodreads: The Mechanics were built to help people. They looked and behaved just like humans. But when the Mechanics malfunctioned and started to kill those who had given them life, they were hunted down and destroyed, until only one remained.

When twenty-two-year-old, Hope Last, has a chance encounter with a mysterious man named Aidan Croix, an immediate and intense attraction forms between them.

Hope soon fears that Aidan is keeping a terrible secret and begins to suspect that he might not be human after all but the last of the Mechanic’s the world has been hunting for. But Hope knows that it isn’t just her heart but her very life, Aidan holds in his hands.


Tim O’Rourke’s latest release, The Mechanic, whisks readers away to a future where the world’s technology has advanced so far that the creation of seamless robots, those that look and feel like humans, is in the past. Welcome to a world where robots walk among us, but beware your neighbor; it’s impossible to tell who’s human and who’s not, a feat that now has society in an uproar because something’s gone wrong… the “mechanics” are turning on those they love, on those they’ve sworn to protect, and, in fits of stress and emotional overrides, they kill. Perhaps it’s unintentional, but murder is murder just the same, and as society works to rid itself of the mechanics once and for all, only one threat remains, hidden.

But who is the mechanic? O’Rourke sends readers on a rollercoaster ride as this novel unfolds. While I am quite proud of myself for actually having figured out the truth of this novel before the fact, O’Rourke does a wonderful job keeping readers on their toes concerning the identity of The Mechanic and all s/he holds in the balance as the world desperately attempts to find him/her.

Meet Hope. She’s lonely, fragile, and on the hunt for love. As the novel unfolds, we learn of her past abuse and her trepidation when it comes to relationships, and we feel her angst as she meets Aiden, only to become smitten with him almost immediately. And oh how lovely he is! O’Rourke has created some awesome characters in this story, and knowing his penchant for the strange and darkness of his novels, I knew that whatever happened, it wouldn’t end well for some of the characters I’d come to love, and I was right. But it’s such a perfect ending that I’m not even upset by the twisted inner workings of it all. In fact, I love them. Another perfect revelation.

O’Rourke has once again written a most enticing piece that you just must read. Five stars.

5 stars

I received an ARC of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Shades of WyrdFrom Goodreads: Dante Salazar doesn’t know if he’s a drunk who dreamt he was an ancient general, or an ancient general dreaming he’s a drunk. He wakes in Las Vegas, imprisoned in an identity that doesn’t fit him, married to someone he doesn’t remember, and tormented by a stranger who won’t show his face.

A woman named Lucia haunts his memories. His love for her is the only thing that has endured the mysterious fate befallen him. What follows is one man’s search for answers. Why does he feel like an imposter in his own skin? Which memories can he trust? How will he find his lost love? And – most troubling of all – what lies buried in his back yard?


This novel is worth reading if just for the ending alone—a shocking revelation that had me sitting straight up in bed, riveted to the explanation as it unfolded, instantly and perfectly answering all my befuddled questions that I had carried with me throughout the entire novel. I admit that the beginning of the novel was a bit slow, and though interesting, beyond confusing. As the novel unfolds, readers follow multiple characters as their stories intertwine, embarking on an intriguing, yet confusing ride as Dante attempts to make sense of his life—a life he doesn’t remember. At the same time, Dante’s “past life” haunts him, and he has no bearings on the current life he lives—with a wife, Pixie, he doesn’t remember, an alcohol addiction he isn’t fond of, and an obsession with finding Lucia, his love he is certain is from another lifetime, and thus, everything begins to quickly spiral downhill for Dante.

While readers find themselves both enraptured and confused alongside Dante, the story does have a pulling merit—making it hard to set aside as thoughts of wonderment trek through the readers brain. What happened to Dante? Is his past life real? Does Lucia really exist? Will Pixie finally break and end up in the arms of her neighbor? Who is Bernie and what sinister plans does he have for Dante?

Sparked by these haunting questions, I was drawn to the novel, even though I didn’t find any of the characters particularly enticing. Though juvenile in many ways, the characters still spurned me on, and I found myself interested in their story, even though I truly had little idea what was happening throughout a majority of the novel. And yet, in the end, it all comes together to make a rather intense, intriguing read. In fact, it was so mind-blowing for me that it changed my entire perspective of the novel, raising it much higher in my eyes, and making it one I highly suggest you read. Four stars.

4 stars

I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.



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