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{November 15, 2014}   The 99 Cent Club–Feature 123–Ten Books for Ten Bucks

Every Saturday I run a feature for the 99 Cent Club, and below are the ebook picks for this week that caught my eye and are currently ONLY 99 Cents on Amazon, with many on Barnes and Noble as well. I don’t know if these are permanent prices, so please don’t shoot the messenger, and double check pricing before pressing the buy button. Enjoy! (If you could help give these authors some love by spreading the word, that would be epic.)

Your Book Vacation 123


unnamedTempt You: A Naughty and Nice Collection by Ella James, Lizzy Ford, Bethany Lopez, E.M. Tippetts, Blue Ashcroft, Genevieve Jack, Rachael Wade, and Anna Cruise

AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME: From 8 bestselling authors, a boxed set of novels ranging from Naughty to Nice and everything in between! These 8 sweet and spicy stories will TEMPT YOU to fall in love—or lust! Either way, you won’t be able to stop turning the page.

Selling Scarlett by Ella James
Follow Elizabeth—code-named Scarlett—to the lush Nevada brothel where she’ll auction her virginity and risk the only thing that’s not for sale: her heart. The highest bidder is a familiar face with wicked hands and the devil’s mouth. And a secret so dark that it could cost Scarlett her life.

Zoey Rogue by Lizzy Ford
Meet Declan: A sexy incubus Enforcer who specializes in long nights of hot passion and hunting down threats to his supernatural society. His destined soul-mate defies his powerful sex magic—and he’s determined to claim the wild she-warrior, no matter what it takes.

The Ghost & The Graveyard by Genevieve Jack
Meet Grateful Knight, a nurse left destitute by an unscrupulous ex-boyfriend. She’s determined to do whatever it takes to recover financially, including live in a rent-free house on the edge of a graveyard. Sparks fly when she meets the gorgeous cemetery caretaker and learns her attic is home to things that go bump in the night.

8 Weeks by Bethany Lopez
After committing the ultimate betrayal, Cal asks his wife, Shelly, for 8 Weeks: 8 dates, to prove that they’re meant to be together and their love is true. If at the end of the 8 Weeks Shelly wants to walk away, Cal won’t stop her. Is 8 Weeks long enough to right wrongs and kick start a marriage that has stalled?

Deeper by Blue Ashcroft
Lifeguard Rain Wilson can’t afford to get distracted by her gorgeous co-supervisor Knight McAllister. As they find themselves drawn closer together and their pasts start to surface, Rain and Knight realize that maybe too much broken can make a relationship impossible. Then again, sometimes it’s the broken parts of us that fit together best.

All She Wants by Anna Cruise
Annika Sellers always gets what she wants. But then she meets Stuart Woodcock, a sexy humanitarian who is indifferent to her charms, and Annika realizes she just might have met her match . . .

Love & Relativity by Rachael Wade
It’s no secret that Sanibel Island’s notorious resident bad boy, Jackson Taylor, loves to get underneath Emma’s skin, but this time he’s gone too far. Now all he wants is to earn her forgiveness before she’s gone for good, but their ideas of closure—and the future—are enough to keep them worlds apart. Love, life, and happily ever after? It’s all relative.

Break it Up by E.M. Tippetts
Kyra Armijo’s got two problems: her wild past of sex and partying and her overpowering crush on a member of the ultra-clean boy band, Triple Cross. Make that three problems: once they meet, her crush is besotted, but if his fans find out about her reputation, it’ll wreck his image for good.

Find it on Amazon.


The ChroniclesChronicles of Steele by Pauline Creeden

This is the complete Steampunk Fantasy novel – all four parts of the serial in one volume! Also includes bonus features not found in the episodes ~

Human life has value.
The poor living in the gutter are as valuable as the rich living in a manor.
The scoundrel is no less valuable than the saint.
Because of this, every life a reaper takes must be redeemed.

Raven has lived by this first tenet since she was trained by her father to become a reaper. But since his death, she’s been spending years redeeming the lives she’s taken. By her count, she’s even and it’s time for that life to end. If she settles down and becomes a wife, she might just feel human again. But on the way to the life she thinks she wants, the baron of New Haven asks her to complete a task which she cannot ignore… Just when Raven decides to give up on her life as an assassin, she’s pulled right back in.

Find it on Amazon.


RecklesslyRecklessly Royal by Nichole Chase

Catherine has spent her life being the perfect princess. She’s kept her hands clean, her head down, and most importantly—men at arm’s length. After all, most men are after only one thing, and for Cathy there’s a lot more at stake than her bed; she has to worry about the fate of an entire nation. But at the rate she’s going, Cathy is afraid she’ll give the Virgin Queen a run for her money. She is tired of waiting for someone good enough to come along. She has a plan, and it all hinges on seducing the one man who seems utterly unimpressed by all things royal. The one man she is tempted by more than any other . . .

When David arrives at the royal wedding of his friend, the newly ordained Duchess Samantha Rousseau, he expects to feel uncomfortable and out of his element, but he isn’t prepared to be targeted by Prince Alex’s gorgeous younger sister. With Cathy’s giant blue eyes, killer figure, and sense of humor, it won’t take long before he gives in. But when he finds out just how innocent the crown princess really is, will he play the part of knight in shining armor or the dashing rogue?

Find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


TrustTrust Me by Lacey Black

After all of the devastating betrayals by the one she loved, Twenty-two year old Avery Stevens has spent three years raising her daughter alone, with her family and best friend as a support system, never leaving her small hometown of Rivers Edge, Missouri. Though Rivers Edge holds the pain of her past, it also holds the one person she wants but can’t have – her brother’s best friend, Maddox Jackson. When she learns the attraction might not be one-sided, will Avery be able to trust Maddox with the one thing she’s held onto tightly for the past few years?

Police officer Maddox Jackson is a ladies’ man with one foot out the door. Never planning to settle down, Maddox fights the attraction he feels for his best friend’s little sister, Avery. But can he continue to fight it when his body and his heart are leading him to the one woman he shouldn’t want?

When secrets are finally exposed, can Avery and Maddox trust each other enough to overcome the past, handle the present, and preserve their future? Can Avery trust Maddox with her heart? Will Maddox be able to convince Avery to take the chance?

**This book is intended for an audience of 18 or older due to graphic sex scenes and language.

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18809461Do You Believe by L. Chapman

For Megan, the time she has long dreamed of is finally here.

Come watch the power of friendship evolve and discover how significant a true family bond is. You’ll see Mark and Megan as they lead little Lucy through the joys of the holiday season.

With the impending holiday just a day away, there are a lot of enjoyable family events planned. Come and relish this special day with the entire gang from the Believe Series. Get to know the characters you’ve grown to love even more, while meeting new, fresh faces at the same time.
For the Believe family, will they all get the Christmas they’ve been dreaming of?

Find it on Amazon.


18245107Veiled by L. Chapman

Jenny has always wanted a fairytale life: the perfect house, her own Prince Charming and the wedding to go with it.

After a five year engagement Jenny and her fiance Rich are counting down to the “Big Day”…

And lets not forget one hell of a Hen Party For Jenny her life as the perfect wife is all she has ever wanted but secrets are never far away…

Will Jenny make it to her own fairytale wedding…

All will be revealed in “Veiled”

Find it on Amazon.


2940150693951_p0_v1_s260x420In Tune by S.K. Logsdon, Amber Nation, Casey Peeler, Kate Roth, Nacole Stayton, Savannah Stewart Erika Van Eck

Let your heartstrings be plucked, as you’re serenaded to the melodies of romance. Fall in tune with loves duet, and the seven sensational authors who bring you In Tune: A Love’s Duet Anthology that sings notes of swoon worthy sounds and decadent men , in:

Author SK Logsdon – Stricken Desire

Author Amber Nation – How to Save a Life

Casey D Peeler Peeler – Our Song

Kate Roth – The Low Notes

Nacole Stayton – In The Lyrics

Savannah Stewart – Arianna

Erika Van Eck – Ace’s Wild

All proceeds will be donated to the Fender Music Foundation to help put music back in the classrooms.

Find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


2940012458766_p0_v1_s260x420The Tourist of Zenda by Christine Merrill

The peaceful country of Seravano is best known for its herds of spotted goats, and the impending royal wedding between Crown Prince Paolo Zara and the beautiful but flighty actress, Sylphine Jones.

But when Sylphine gets a black eye a week before the wedding, the prince needs to find a stand in for the engagement documentary.

Enter Dana Miller, unsuspecting American tourist and a dead ringer for Sylphine. Dana wanted a romantic European adventure.

She’s about to get more than she bargained for.

Find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


2014-11-15_1306From the Ghettos to the Grand by Jaclin Calvert

Alexis lives in the inner city–the poverty-stricken area of New York. A ticket out of her god-forsaken life is given to her when she finds out about her heritage. Her grandfather, Lord Moretti is a noble in Caestryn, a country in Europe which specializes in wine. Lord Moretti perishes of old age, and his will reaches out to Alexis.

Just like that, Alexis can choose to inherit his wealth. But there is a catch–Lord Moretti’s will states that she has to marry Prince Blake before the wealth is hers.

The prince has no intention of marrying her.

In her crooked Cinderella tale, Alexis struggles with her feelings for the prince, table mannerisms and a royal conspiracy involving the disappearance of Caestryn’s beloved queen.

Find it on Amazon.


kjgitkugy uhEyes in the Twilight by Erica Allaire

Verity Browning is a modern Bostonian woman of 1825 in a world where robots were invented before threshing mills and America never successfully rebelled against England. She is returning home from her work at her Uncle’s shop when an attack from a ruffian leads to a meeting with the charismatic masked man who had thought to save her. Verity has never met anyone as attractive as this stranger, and he’s certainly never encountered a fair maiden less in need of rescuing.

It might have gone no further than a kiss in the twilight, but Verity is about to discover a conspiracy that crosses an ocean and yet is uncomfortably close to home. She and her masked hero will have to work together if either of them is to survive.

Find it on Amazon.



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