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{June 29, 2014}   {Review} Obligations of a Cobalt Hue by Amber D. Sistla

Obligations of a Cobalt HueFrom Goodreads: Teldine is an isolated mountain kingdom that has been magically protected from ancient enemies for one thousand years by an impenetrable fog wall. Inside the wall, Champions of the Cobaltine Flower keep the peace. But as the fog wall thins, a Champion is killed and the king is murdered. The remaining Champions work together as intrigue, betrayal, and foreign influences threaten the tiny realm.


This is a very interesting fantasy novel—though I’m not necessarily a fantasy connoisseur, it piqued my interest and I enjoyed it as the plot unfolded. The ideas surrounding the Colbaltine Flower, the sinister plot against the kingdom, and the alternate death world of the champions were extremely unique, and I got a kick out of the afterlife antics within the novel. I will admit that the version I read had a few too many editing errors, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a good editor and a uploading of a revised edition. The plot was fresh, though there were a few holes here and there, but otherwise it was definitely well thought out. Three stars.

3 stars

I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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