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{December 30, 2013}   {Guest Post and Giveaway} Top 10 Things That Make a Sexy/Sweet Country Boy by Heather Hildenbrand–Author of A Risk Work Taking

A Risk Worth Taking, my (Heather Hildenbrand’s) new NA contemporary, is set on a crop farm in the mountains of southeastern Virginia. The male characters are alpha and sexy and country. I couldn’t help myself. These are my favorite characters in a guy! And I made a list of what a guy needs to qualify.

Top 10 Things That Make a Sexy/Sweet Country Boy:

  1. A Risk Worth TakingA Truck. This is such a pre-req that if he doesn’t have that, I don’t care HOW many other items he has on this list, he’s not a country boy. Sorry. It doesn’t need a gun rack on the back and a dead animal in the truck bed to qualify and it doesn’t need mud splatters all up the side and along the tailgate—although you get points for that—it just needs four wheels, a cab, and a bed. Oh and that bench seat can’t be overlooked. I think it is the most adorable thing in the world when a girl can scoot and cuddle next to her country boy while he drives.
  2. A love for fried chicken and beer. If you go to the bar and order a Mike’s Hard Lemonade, we’re in a fight.
  3. Respect for Women. He better kiss his mama every Sunday and call every woman older than him ma’am.
  4. A know-how either under the hood or with a hammer. Somehow, I can’t conjure an image of a country boy who doesn’t know how to either fix his own truck OR build his own house. Or both. Mmm, yeah swing that hammer with a grease-stained hand…  and when you’re done, I need an oil change. Thanks, baby.
  5. Slightly-snug jeans that hug all the right places. OHMYGOD I am a sucker for slightly-tight (NOT skinny-fit) jeans on a man. Snug at the hips and ass with boots at the bottom and a slight swagger…. *swoon* Country boys Do NOT wear suits to work. Your business attire is jeans and a button-down with the sleeves rolled to ¾ length—or you’re a poser.
  6. A love for sunsets and the woods at twilight. Country boys do not stay inside all day. They don’t have to hunt and fish every weekend, in fact that’s not preferred because I’m not into that and … well, ain’t nobody got time for that. But enjoy a bonfire or take me four-wheeling and we’re in business.
  7. The body of a country boy. Big arms, toned abs. Prove you’re not a stranger to manual labor. Mmm, yeah, throw that haybale while I watch your back and shoulders flex from the strain…
  8. Smarts. Do NOT succumb to the stereotype that “country” means “backwoods” or ignorant or less brain cells. Country boys are smart. Entrepreneurial. Educated. With deep thoughts and perceptive minds. And they even read for fun once in a while! Show me a girl that doesn’t think this is hot and I’ll show you a LIAR, LIAR, Pants on FIRE!
  9. Love. Maybe at first, he’s tough and rough at the edges—or all the way through. But by the end of the story (yours or the one you’re reading), this boy is sweet and loving and caring all the way through. And he says thinks like, “your eyes are unending depths, an ocean of love, and I want to drown in them forever.” Or something.
  10. Loyal. Once he’s met you and seen your “awesome” he knows no other girl will do. Ever. He’s so stuck on you he can’t see straight, let alone see other women. Except his mama, he will always love and appreciate his mama and shower her with gifts and kisses on Sundays.

What did I miss? Any other requirements for being a sexy/sweet country boy?



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