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{December 27, 2013}   {Review} Destiny by P.T. Michelle (Brightest Kind of Darkness #3)

13504881From Goodreads: When destiny is on the line, will love be enough to light the way?

In order to save Ethan, Nara gets pulled deeper into his dark world, where everything she thought she knew about Ethan and herself turns on its head. Ethan and Nara turn up the heat with bone-melting seduction and heart-rending moments, but surprising revelations, lies, treachery, betrayal, and unimaginable evil will challenge their relationship and their future together. As the stakes rise, encompassing more than just her relationship with Ethan, will Nara make the ultimate sacrifice?

I really love the story of Ethan and Nara.  Filled with the paranormal and many enticing scenarios, their story holds readers captivated from start to finish, and that’s true for all the books in the series, including this third installment.  In the first novel, Brightest Kind of Darkness, we meet Nara as she battles fate, and it’s an amazing ride.  Then, in Lucid, swoon worthy Ethan disappears, and it’s a whirlwind adventure for Nara as she attempts to decipher the truth about herself and Ethan, especially the sword tattoo that showed up on Ethan’s body one day.  While the first two novels have been somewhat shrouded in mystery, and even events within book three leave some stones unturned, Michelle does a great job tying up many loose ends and explaining the bond between Ethan and Nara, setting the stage for the fourth and final novel, which I can’t wait to release.

At the end of Lucid, Ethan finally returned from his “parents’ house,” a much awaited event on the part of both Nara and myself.  The best part is that Ethan comes in with guns blazing, and he’s even more fierce and swoon worthy this time around.  Although it is apparent that Ethan wasn’t actually at his parents’ and that he’s learned a lot over the past month away, it takes a while for his whereabouts and mission to be made clear in Destiny, especially as Ethan suffers from brain trauma in the very opening of the book, leaving him with memory loss that further shrouds his actions in mystery.  And yet, as he begins to remember and yearns to be with Nara, it’s the perfect romance.

I just loved the way that Michelle sets up her novels.  They are always captivating, and I love this paranormal world that the author has created.  If you haven’t yet read any of the books in the series, I highly suggest you do.  Four stars.

4 stars

I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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