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{December 10, 2013}   {Review} Haunting by B.J. Sheldon (The Dusty Chronicles #1)

17666743From Goodreads: When sixteen-year-old, Dusty Vermeer, moves to rural Iowa with her dad and sister at the start of her sophomore year, she undergoes major life changes – a new school, new friends, and a popular new boyfriend. But she soon discovers all is not what it appears to be. When Jack Olson, a handsome young soldier, begins to invade her dreams each night, she bears witness to the horrors of war and must determine what is real and what is just a dream. When Jack finally steps out of her dreams in ghostly form, begging for help and struggling to remember his life, Dusty makes it her mission to solve the mystery behind his death. As she draws closer to the truth, she places her own life at risk while struggling to cope with the feelings she develops for the soldier who’s been dead for nearly 60 years.


This was a great mystery novel.  It’s fairly short and to the point, making it a fast paced read that you won’t want to put down.  Dusty is a great character that is easy to fall in love with, especially because she’s so innocent and genuine.  She really wants to do right by others, and I loved that about her.  I easily related to her, though we’re vastly different, and though she’s technically a story-book character, I think we’d be great friends in real life.  Finishing the novel was like leaving a friend behind, and I can’t wait for the next installment in this intriguing series.

Though I figured out the truth about Jack Olson much sooner than I’d have liked, Sheldon does a wonderful job keeping the reader interested, especially with its epic conclusion.  My heart was definitely in my throat as I read through to the end—I could see it all unfold in slow motion, even though I was tearing through the pages at warp speed by that point.

This is a great read that I think readers from all walks of life will enjoy.  I highly suggest picking it up.  Four stars.

4 stars

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Rita mcCarty says:

I agree it was an easy read but keep you wanting more. It was hard to put down. Really enjoyed it can’t wait for the next one.

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