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{December 6, 2013}   {Review} The Void by John Abramowitz (Weaver #2)

13646394From Goodreads: The zombie apocalypse is nigh!

The trouble is, Alex Cronlord is the only person who knows it. She is a Weaver — one of a group of superhuman children who are able to see the future — and she can still remember the vision she had just weeks ago of being chased by a shambling undead horde. But that’s all she’s seen of the coming horror, and lately, her visions have mostly been confusing. Dead bodies in dumpsters, a strange place called “Pinnacle,” and no sign of a Xorda anywhere. At least, not at first.

As Alex struggles to make sense of these bits of information, a stitch-faced assassin surfaces with a vendetta against Ainsling Cronlord, Alex’s mother. Ainsling is a member of the enigmatic Wells Society, a secret order of women who genetically mutate their own children to turn them into fighters against the Xorda. She is the person who gave Alex her Weaver powers. And she is the person Alex can least afford to trust.

But when the stitch-faced man steps up his campaign against the Cronlord family, Alex begins to realize she may not have a choice. As she learns the disturbing truth behind her recent visions, Alex must decide how far she is willing to go to save the world.


This sequel to the thrilling novel, Weaver, picks up soon after the first ended, thrusting readers back into the melee that is Alex Cronlord’s life.  Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Alex must now face the truth of what her mother did to her, and decide if knowing the future in order to protect those she loves is more important that her own sanity.  It also begs the question… is she a reject or a Weaver?

Whereas the first novel focuses on that of the future through Alex’s visions, this second novel back tracks and begins to show readers glimpses of the past, a power that scares Alex as she believes she’s losing her edge; that she won’t be able to help anyone battle the Xorda without the serum her mother was testing on her.  And slowly, readers begin to piece together what Ainsling’s life was like prior to becoming a part of the Wells Society. With the special forces of the FBI at her back, Alex learns important information that just might save them all, if only she could cross the planes of their colliding worlds.

This is an intense read that sweeps readers up and carries them along in this fast paced, action packed novel.  Alex is, of course, a kick butt heroine, but her need to protect others will be her downfall if she doesn’t decide which side she wants to be on, because lying to those around you never works out well in the end.  Four stars.

4 stars

I purchased this novel from Amazon.


[…] through the past events that happen at Pinnacle with Alex’s mother, Ainsling.  In book two, The Void, we begin to learn about the events at Pinnacle that started it all, with Sigmund, Xorda […]

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