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{November 29, 2013}   {ARC Review} Game by Anders de la Motte (Game #1)

GameFrom Goodreads: Follow the rules and everybody gets hurt . . .

One Sunday morning after a long night of partying, Henrik “HP” Pettersson, a slacker with a lot of ego and very little impulse control, finds a cell phone of an unfamiliar make on a commuter train. Through insisting and slightly uncanny messages that refer to him by name, the phone invites him to play a game. HP accepts without hesitation.

The rules are that HP must complete tasks that range from childish pranks to criminal acts, as allocated by the mysterious Game Master. HP is the perfect contender & alienated from society, devoid of morals, and desperate for fame. His completion of the assignments are filmed and uploaded onto a protected server where viewers rate the Players performances.

The Game starts out innocently enough and then becomes increasingly risky, threatening the safety of someone close to HP. He is determined to become a superstar, but when the dark and tragic secrets of his family’s past are at stake, HP must make a choice. Will he suffer the humiliation of defeat, or will the need to win push him to the limit no matter the cost?

First in a fast-paced and riveting trilogy, Game will leave you guessing. Follow the rules, and everybody gets hurt . . .


I’m sorry to say that this novel didn’t captivate me as I’d hoped.  With the beautiful cover and the intriguing synopsis, I went into this novel with high hopes.  Unfortunately, I came out of it a little less than impressed.  It started out really interesting, but as the story unfolded, it began to lose steam. While HP was in the game, I was highly interested in the outcome and the scenarios happening around him, but once he was out of the game, which happened all too quickly, if you ask me, everything just sort of petered out.  HP became extremely petty and hard to digest.  His character is quite obnoxious, and as the story mainly follows him, it became difficult for me to care because he was such an awful person.

The novel also through me for a loop as is also follows HPs sister, who is also a cop.  Initially I confused myself thinking they were lovers, but then realized they were brother/sister and that there was another man involved in her life, which made more sense, but also proved to be a little less than interesting as her life somewhat droned on and I didn’t really care for her, either.  Overall, this novel wasn’t exactly for me as it lacked likeable characters and lost my attention fairly quickly.  I am hoping that it picks up in the second novel, which I do plan to read, and its outcome will determine if I read the third installment.  Two stars.

2 stars

Atria Books has been extremely gracious in allowing me to read an ARC of this novel, via Netgalley, prior to its release on December 3, 2013.

The Game TrilogyUpdate: I have read all the books in this trilogy AND I really enjoyed BUZZ and BUBBLE.  I suggest you try this series and see–books two and three definitely made up for book one.


[…] I have now read all the books in this trilogy AND while I didn’t care for GAME, I really enjoyed BUZZ and BUBBLE.  I suggest you try this series and see–books two and three […]

[…] I really didn’t care for the first novel in this series, Game, this second one definitely sparked my interest and kept me on my toes as I read.  It’s so much […]

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