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{November 21, 2013}   {Review} The Unchosen Life by Danka V.

12489981From Goodreads: One soul mate… One true love… And the fact that they are not the same person!

People believe that every soul has its other half somewhere in the world. A soul mate or so I’ve been told, and they spend a lifetime seeking that other half, hoping to find it… I don’t need to hope anymore because mine found me… And tried to take my life! Today, twenty-four years since I was born, I finally do believe that there is a true love in life and that somewhere out there, there is that other one who will, once they show up, complete your own soul. But I learned much too late that they are not the same thing! My name is Elena Wolchek and this is my story.


I am sorry to say that this novel just wasn’t for me.  From the get go, I didn’t like the main character, Elena, and her attitude towards others.  I get that she’s extremely different and beyond smart, but the way she interacted with others, and her petty nature and inability to back down, apologize, or take others seriously grated on my nerves as I read.  I also had a hard time with the transitions within the novel because I felt like not enough was happening to keep my interest.  We meet characters only to have them banter and disappear for quite some time.  They do eventually reappear, but by that time I was no longer thinking of them and it just felt a bit disjointed to me—probably because I just couldn’t get over my dislike for Elena.  Overall, I personally didn’t enjoy this novel, but I feel like others may be able to overlook Elena’s personality flaws and really get into the story, because in the end, the storyline is there and it’s interesting; it just wasn’t for me. One star.

1-star1I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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