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{November 1, 2013}   {Review} Hollow Pit by Tim O’Rourke (The Jack Seth Novellas #1)

Hollow PitFrom Goodreads: When Jack Seth and his younger brother, Nik, find themselves pushed into a new world, they both plan to lead very different lives to the ones they had left behind. On the outermost edge of a vast and desolate wasteland, they come across a town called Hollow Pit. It is surrounded by a mountainous wall of junk and the brothers wonder who or what the people of Hollow Pit are trying to keep out.

But struggling with their own very real demons, will Jack and Nik be able to keep out of trouble long enough not to reawaken the monsters lurking within them?

“Hollow Pit” is the first Jack Seth spinoff story from the bestselling Kiera Hudson Series.

*This is a New Adult book for 17 years plus due to sexual situations*


For those of you who read my blog on a regular basis, you know that I’m in love with all things Tim O’Rourke.  This fabulous author hasn’t written one novel I haven’t liked, and his fast turn around time when writing novels provides me with little wait time between stories, which I vastly appreciate (and am in awe of) as I just can’t get enough.  O’Rourke has written over 20 books in the past two years, and though they range in genre from vampires, werewolves, and robots to psychotic killers, sexy police detectives, and paranormal observers, perhaps my favorite series to date are his two Kiera Hudson series.  And now, O’Rourke has given readers an early Christmas present in the form of a new spin off series from the beloved Kiera Hudson series: The Jack Seth Novellas.

If you’ve read Kiera Hudson Series One, you know who Jack Seth is.  And if you’ve read Kiera Hudson Series Two, then you have an even better handle on the many nuances that make up this extremely complex character who has, until recently, been slated as evil incarnate.  But, what about those of you who haven’t read the series at all?  Well, you could start here, with this first novella in the Jack Seth Novella Series, as Jack Seth attempts to turn his life around in this pushed world that is so different from the one he left behind (pushed basically means that the characters are in a parallel world where a different version of their self resides, alongside different versions of all their friends and enemies, and some elements are out of place, such as different rulers, new dangers, etc.).  As it’s a new world that mirrors our own and those that Jack resided in prior to the push, I think this is a great introduction to Jack Seth and his brother Nik, and it will definitely leave you wanting to know more about the worlds they came from and what happened to them prior to their existence in this parallel world.

I was once again pleasantly surprised by the twist ending, which I never saw coming, as I never do, and I think this will leave many readers yearning for more.  It did me, at least, and as O’Rourke is a master storyteller, I am sure that many readers will feel the same upon finishing this novella.  Five stars.

5 stars

I purchased this novella from Amazon.


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