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{October 21, 2013}   {Review} Never Use a Chicken and Other Stories by Jim Newell

9860895From Goodreads: They say crime doesn’t pay…but it can sure be funny Join Jim Newell as he takes you through an anthology of criminal caper short stories where the perfect crime goes horribly awry. In this book you’ll find everything from pampered cats to fat ladies singing, a woman on the run by way of bus to a woman fleeing it all by plane and go from cigar shoppers to bed hoppers. Just remember to leave your chicken outside (rest assured, the reason why is explained in this book), and you’ll be sure to enjoy these hilarious entries.


This is a novella full of short stories that deal with crime, the main focus being robberies. They’re well written stories, and many are a bit funny, though as with any anthology, the reader isn’t going to love every single entry. My favorite of the stories were “Never Use a Chicken!” because it was just so absurd.  Other than that, however, the stories somewhat blend together in my mind because I read them all in one sitting and they’re mostly about the same thing: a robber being taken advantage by another robber.

It’s always hard to review an anthology of short stories because I tend to like some stories more than others, and I felt like a lot of these stories were very similar, too similar even, so I suggest not reading the entire anthology in one sitting so as not to confuse yourself with the different entries.  Overall, some of it was an okay read, and some I liked, but I would have liked it more, I think, had the stories been more spread out, dealing with different topics.  Three stars.

3 starsI received this novella from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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