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{July 11, 2013}   {Review} The Eden Effect by P.J. Lincoln

12510817From Goodreads: Eve Adams is envious.

She has raised her family and watched her children become successful. She has also been a top drawer wife to George. But, in her heart of hearts, Eve always wanted something more than the life of a homemaker. She watched as other women found freedom and fought their way from the secretary pool to the board room and knew she had what it took to do the same. So many regrets, at least about that portion of her life.

In The Eden Effect, Eve gets a second chance.

Long ago, George Adams inscribed their names on an apple tree in the middle of an orchard where they met and worked. Now he wants to find out if its still there. After a typical evening out, they stop by the long-since abandoned Culver’s Apple Orchard and find the tree. To their surprise, it is still standing. While all of the other trees in the orchard are barren, George and Eve’s tree has a single apple growing from it. Eve can’t resist plucking it from the branch. Despite George’s warnings, she bites into the apple. It’s perfect in form and taste. Eve convinces George to eat.

And that’s all it takes to turn their world upside down.

Set it suburbia, The Eden Effect answers some of the questions we all ponder about the choices we’ve made in life. The grass is always greener, right? Eve Adams is about to find out…


This is an interesting novella that stems from the famous Adam and Eve story from the Bible.  Readers will note that the synopsis above is a much shorter version of the events that happen within the first section of the novella, but once past this, with Eve and George eating from the tree, the novella begins to pick up and change.  Now physically younger and stronger, both Eve and George begin to live anew, but in so doing, their quiet lives are disrupted and irrevocably altered.  While it is always fun to play that “what-if” game, Eve gets her chance to actually live it, and in so doing, basically throws her marriage to the wind.  Truthfully, I think if we all got a do-over, many of us would change our ways and try different things, but both Eve’s and George’s resentment and inability to really change without separation irked me.  Yes, George is set in his ways and he is definitely not my favorite person in the world, a chauvinist for sure, but Eve lost all my sympathy as she charged on ahead, leaving her husband of 50+ years in the dust in order to “live again.”  Eve’s actions made me angry and I had no love for her, making it difficult for me to really enjoy the novella because liking my characters tends to go hand in hand with really enjoying a story.  It’s one that will make readers think, though.  I sit here judging Eve, and yet I can’t say I would act the same should I get a “do over” and my husband did not…

Overall, it’s an interesting story with some great food for thought, but it’s relatively short and the characters aren’t my favorite.  The writing is very well done, but the characters just didn’t impress me due to their excessively selfish nature.  But if you’re a person who really enjoys “what-if” stories, then I recommend this one to you because, like Lincoln said, it addresses the age old question ” we all ponder about the choices we’ve made in life. The grass is always greener, right?” Two stars.

2 stars

I received this novella from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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