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{March 12, 2013}   {Review} Yellow by Tim O’Rourke (Sydney Hart #2)

17407337From Goodreads: In love with Vincent and trying to move on with her life, Sydney Hart is visited by an old friend. When this friend suddenly goes missing, Sydney finds herself in a desperate race against time, not only to save her friend’s life, but also her relationship with Vincent.

With Michael wanting to spend more time with her in order to rekindle their relationship, Sydney’s life and emotions become ever more complex.

Trying to stay focused on the hunt for her missing friend, Sydney has to figure out who is telling her the truth; but most importantly, who is Mr. Yellow?  

*A New Adult Novel Recommended for mature readers*


I wasn’t kidding when I said O’Rourke’s turn around time for releasing novels is extremely fast!  The first novel in the Sydney Hart series, Witch, released January 31st, and the second novel, Yellow, soon followed on February 22nd.  I mean, that’s fast.  Really fast.  And I just love it!  I am in awe of O’Rourke and his ability to write such wonderful novels so quickly.  It’s amazing, and it makes my day every time a new one releases!

Yellow is another mystery novel involving police officer Sydney Hart.  Sydney has learned a lot in the last month, and she’s still reeling from it all when Yellow opens.  On leave from the police department and less than keen to show her face in town, Sydney is laying low in her apartment with the charming Vincent, acting out their *ahem* deepest desires.  Now, I’m not really a fan of reading about sex in my novels, but I think O’Rouke handles it very well.  It’s not too overbearing or belabored, which is great for a prudish reader like me.  Yet, those who enjoy this aspect of books will definitely swoon.

Sydney is even less sure of herself in this novel as all she’s ever known has been dashed to pieces, and the love of her life continues to disappear, as if he’s purposely distancing himself from her.  Honestly, I really likd how real Sydney’s thoughts and feelings are in this series.  O’Rouke captures Sydney at the point in her life when everything is an uncertainty, and he lays her soul bare as she slowly, but surely, begins to pull herself back together, realizing truths about herself, while also on the hunt of her life to save her best friend from sure death.

And, who is Mr. Yellow?  Well, once again, O’Rourke stumped me and kept me guessing throughout the entire novel. I was sure I knew who it was multiple times as I read, only to be proved wrong time and time again.  With the final reveal, everything fell into place, and I absolutely adored the conclusion, though a bit jarring and definitely not what I expected.  A happy ending?  Well, that’s for you and Sydney to decide.  Four stars.

4 stars

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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