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{December 30, 2012}   {Review} Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick (Hush, Hush #4)

12751687From Goodreads: Will love conquer all?

Nora and Patch thought their troubles were behind them.  Hank is gone and they should be able to put his ugly vendetta to rest. But in Hank’s absence, Nora has become the unwitting head of the Nephilim and must finish what Hank began. Which ultimately means destroying the fallen angels – destroying Patch.

Nora will never let that happen, so she and Patch make a plan: lead everyone to believe they have broken up, and work the system from the inside. Nora will convince the Nephilim that they are making a mistake in fighting the fallen angels, and Patch will find out everything he can from the opposing side. They will end this war before it can even begin.

But the best-laid plans often go awry. Nora is put through the paces in her new role and finds herself drawn to an addictive power she never anticipated.

As the battle lines are drawn, Nora and Patch must confront the differences that have always been between them and either choose to ignore them or let them destroy the love they have always fought for.


A few years ago, when I first picked up the Hush, Hush series (based completely on the cover alone, I won’t lie), I fell deeply in love with Patch.  Though troubled and headstrong, a villain by all rights, Patch quickly garnered my attention—I’ve always been attracted to the bad boy image.  And that’s exactly what Patch is: a bad boy.  A bad fallen angel, as it were.  But fallen angels can reconsider their path in life, and this series takes readers on an epic journey through Patch’s heart, thoughts, and feelings as the series unfolds.  His and Nora’s story is one of epic proportions, and I really loved every minute of it.  If only I was Nora.

In all honesty, it’s bittersweet to be writing a review for the final novel in this series—I really enjoyed the novels and the stories within, especially as we watch Patch and Nora grow.  They are wonderful characters, though I will admit that Nora is a bit of an airhead in this novel, making rash decisions and not thinking through many things.  She did get on my nerves a little, what with her indecisive attitude and blatant disregard to the warning and danger signs all around her, but I do have to admit, I was just as shocked as she to find out the exact truth about who really was trust worthy, and who wasn’t.  While I had the inkling that things weren’t right with a few of the characters, I never expected the betrayal at the level it ensued, and I was also surprised by how wrong I was about a lot of the characters’ loyalties.  Those who seemed good, weren’t necessarily, and those who seemed bad, weren’t necessarily, so I guess I do understand where Nora is coming from with her inability to read the warning signs—it’s much easier to see from the outside looking in, as I was, but even then, I was a bit blind.

Fitzpatrick throws many curveballs at her readers as each novel unfolds, and Finale is, indeed, no different.  Nora is, once again, caught in the crossfire of the fallen angels versus the Nephilim, between life and death, love and loss.  I am very happy with the conclusion, but I will say that it is a bit abrupt.  I still have questions about the war that are unanswered, and I felt that I was left without a real conclusion concerning the aftermath of the war.  Towards the end of the novel, there is an epic battle, but once it concludes, everything just seems to end alongside it, without explaining what happens next, and I really needed that “next.”  Instead, there is a jump ahead of three years, and nothing is actually set in stone, aside from the peaceful closure to the love stories of the multiple characters.  Now, I am very happy with the conclusion of the love stories, but I’m still wondering what happened with the Nephilim after the war… and the cryptic mentioning about the fallen angels.  Perhaps there will be a spinoff series to fill in the gaps?  Probably not, but our hearts can wish.

Overall, I really enjoyed this novel, and highly recommend the series to all YA and fallen angel lovers alike.  Four stars.

4 stars

I purchased this novel from Amazon.


In read Silence in the summer and loved it :) I cannot wait to pick this one up.. great review! Shame about the funny ending though.You maybe right about the spin off series!

Celine says:

Totally loved this book! It’s be even awesomer if I owned one :P

Vivian M says:

Just finished Finale! Loved it and I too was hit by many curveballs. Patch is the best bad boy ever <3 epic book. Great review

Dovile says:

I must admit I still haven’t read this series, but it’s on my wishlist and I hope to read them soon, because I love reading about angels.

ChiefHomeExec says:

I like your point about why it’s plausible Nora couldn’t tell some warning signs! It was a source of frustration in some ways to me but it makes sense with this final book. Basso I had pegged all along though ;-)

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