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{December 17, 2012}   DreamKiller Cover Reveal and Synopsis (by Heather Hildenbrand)

YI am so excited for this!  Hildenbrand has completed her dreamkiller saga and will be releasing it as of Thursday, December 20, 2012!  I am so excited for this–I read the first two installments a while back, and I’m stoked to finally read the rest of the story!!



They call her the DreamKiller. Silent, stealthy, and above all, accurate, as long as she carries out exactly what her dreams predict. Marlena Gormand kills to protect. Herself. Her way of life. The children at Little Hearts Orphanage. Until she learns these are not the reasons she’s been asked to kill. Not at all. Azura Mkesky is the headmistress of Little Hearts Orphanage and the only parent-figure Marlena remembers. Azura taught Marlena everything she knows, from her combat skills to her unswerving loyalty to their cause. And Azura has always been there for her. But Azura has a secret. One that she’s used and manipulated Marlena and everyone else in order to protect. …

Lukas Hristov knows Azura’s heart is dark—from both personal experience and the visions provided by his Sight. For too long, he’s stood aside while Azura’s reach of power and deception expands. When he can take it no longer and emerges from the shadows, he comes face to face with Marlena. For him, she is where it began. And she is where it ends. He is determined to make this right, to make her believe the truth.

And as the story unravels, Marlena begins to question whose secrets her dreams really protect.


You can see my thoughts on the first two installments HERE and HERE, both of which are included in this COMPLETE SAGA!  :)


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