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{December 8, 2012}   The 99 Cent Club–Feature 23–Ten Books for Ten Bucks

Every Saturday I run a feature for the 99 Cent Club, and below are the eBook picks for this week that caught my eye and are (currently) ONLY 99 Cents (All on Amazon and some on Barnes and Noble). I don’t know if these are permanent prices, so please don’t shoot the messenger, and double check pricing before pressing the buy button. Enjoy! (If you could help give these authors some love by spreading the word, that would be epic.)


chasing darknessChasing Darkness by Jill Falter

Muriel Chase is like any other young woman who’s 17th birthday is just weeks away. Her life is simple: she likes going to the beach, she enjoys working out, she loves to go shopping with her mom . . . and she hunts demons.

As part of a secret group, she is sent around the world to face the demons that are so dangerous that even the Vatican can’t handle them.

Along the way to learning the secrets of the fight against true evil, she meets Michael – her protector, sworn to keep her safe. As they start to fall for each other, their world is turned upside down by monsters and evil creatures lurking in the darkness. But Muriel has a very dark secret, and if discovered, it could threaten more than just her relationship with Michael . . . but all of humanity.

Find it on Amazon.


Crushed SeraphimCrushed Seraphim by Debra Anastasia

How does a foul-mouthed angel end up as the last hope for all of Heaven and Earth?

When Seraph Emma is maimed and tossed from Heaven by a rogue angel who’s taken charge, she fears she’ll never be allowed to return. Tasked with the impossible job of showing the self-loathing (and not even human!) Jason his worth, Emma is sure she’s doomed to fail.

Meanwhile, having wormed his way into Heaven, the corrupt Everett has trapped God in Hell and has designs on unleashing evil everywhere. Fortunately, if there’s one thing Emma can’t do (in addition to minding her language), it’s give up. Determined to save Jason and get back to Heaven-even if it means going to Hell-Emma’s plan is simple yet impossible: trick the Devil to save God.

What she doesn’t count on is the devotion and, well, humanity she finds in Jason; the spirit, hidden compassion, and raw sex appeal within the Devil; and the vulnerability of her own heart. With the help of two unlikely allies, she’ll wage the battle for Heaven. But will Emma be sidetracked by a new sort of heaven along the way?

What’s truly more dangerous? Falling from Heaven, or falling in love?

Debra Anastasia has twisted a fast-paced tale of intimate relationships with literally universal impact. Rich with humor and electrified by attraction, this novel offers a playfully off-beat take on the good and evil that make up the world.

Find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


BrokenBroken by J.B McGee

Gabby’s life has been anything but easy. She is surrounded by friends who seem to have everything she doesn’t: money, social standing, and happily married parents. While dealing with the loss of her mother, she experiences her first heartbreak. She commits herself to her studies and runs away from any emotions that aren’t safe. Bradley Banks, a confident CEO and commercial architect, who has long time commitment issues forces Gabby to feel again, but will he be her next heartbreak?

Find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Ruining MeRuining Me by Nicole Reed

Eighteen year old Jay Stevenson is living a horrible nightmare.

Two years ago she had the world in the palm of her hand and in one moment it was all ruined for her. Secrets, lies and the worst imaginable betrayal will haunt her for the next two years, until all of it catches up to her and she will lose the control of the lonely world she has built around herself.

Three guys from her past and present will be there when it all comes crashing down. JT the perfect boyfriend she never wanted to give up, Rhye the local bad boy “rock star” that made her forget the past and Kane the funny and sweet tattooed bartender that wants her future.

Is it possible to change the path she chose for herself and still keep all of her secrets?

Recommended for readers 17+ due to sexual situations, violence and language.

Find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


The Night Before ChristmasThe Night Before Christmas and Other Christmas Stories

A Collection of Wonderful stories about Christmas that kids would surely love.

Stories include: The Night After Christmas, Santa Claus Does not Forget, The Fairy Christmas, The Ball Game, Christmas Day, The Doll’s Christmas Party, Grandma’s Christmas Gifts, Mama’s Happy Christmas, The Christmas Carols of the Birds, A Turkey for One, Little Christmas Carolers, What Happened On Christmas Eve, Susy’s Christmas Present, Santa Claus Letter, A ragged Christmas Feast.

Find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Face of EvilThe Face of Evil by Monisha Pujari

A taut psychological tale, The Face of Evil details the complex, caroming, and escalating relationship between two brothers, one of whom is confronted with the strong possibility of his sibling’s depravity. Expertly crafted, the book will unfailingly capture your attention and bring you to unresolved, deeper questions regarding the nature and eradication of evil. The Face of Evil is an ever-appropriate read, given society’s constant grappling with incomprehensible acts of evil, and our collective inability to rationally process them. A quick, powerful, and commanding read, this book will push you to probe your own feelings with regards to what constitutes evil, and what one does to combat it. Don’t pass this book up – the combination of crisp language, a philosophical edge, and a quickly-paced, dynamic, and gripping narrative makes for an edge-of-your-seat read.

Find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


some degree of murderSome Degree of Murder by Colin Conway

A young woman has been murdered in River City. Police Detective John Tower is assigned to the case but there are few clues to go on. As he digs into the case, he’s soon picking up hints that this murder may not be the killer’s first … or his last.

Virgil Kelly lives in the shadowy world of the criminal underground. He’s just arrived in River City with a single-minded mission: find his daughter’s killer and bury him.

In his search for a murderer, Tower uses his experience and training along with all the expertise of modern forensics.

In the hunt for his prey, Kelley uses intimidation and violence, tools which he wields with precision and anger.

Virgil Kelley and John Tower are on a collision course. Somebody is going to die.

River City will never be the same.

Find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


2940033250332_p0_v2_s260x420Miracle at the Museum of Broken Hearts by Talli Roland

All Rose needs is a Christmas miracle… or does she?

When Rose Delaney scores her dream job at London’s newest attraction, The Museum of Broken Hearts, she thinks she’s got it made. It’s depressing dealing with relics of failed relationships each day, but Rose won’t let it break her spirit. After discovering the museum’s handsome curator is nursing a broken heart, she steps in to fix it.

Find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


2940032941354_p0_v2_s260x420Still Like With Murder by P.B. Ryan

National bestseller Still Life With Murder is the first book of P.B. Ryan’s acclaimed historical mystery series featuring Boston governess Nell Sweeney and opium-smoking former battle surgeon Will Hewitt. Thought to have died during the Civil War, Will is arrested for murder, and Nell must prove his innocence. Originally published by Berkley Prime Crime.

Find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


2940033132188_p0_v2_s260x420The Bank Robber by Robert Broomall

The Bank Robber is about an outlaw on the run, the girl he meets in the desert, and the posse that’s chasing him, led by his best friend.

Find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


If you could help give these authors some love by spreading the word, that would be epic.


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