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{December 2, 2012}   {Review} Parallel Spirits by T.S. Welti

15708408From Goodreads: What if the price of immortality were a broken spirit?

After more than three centuries as a carrier spirit, Mara has finally found a willing host in sixteen-year-old Belinda. She sets out to help Belinda find the missing ingredient in her life: love.

Belinda agrees to let Mara help her fall in love so Mara can earn her body back. But Belinda has only agreed to their arrangement because she desperately hopes that a new romance will help her finally get over her failed date with her best friend, Frankie.

With the promise of a new body, Mara dares to hope she can repair her broken spirit. With sweet and handsome Conor as her new boyfriend, Belinda dares to hope she has found someone who can mend her broken heart. Until a spirit with whom Mara shares a dark past begins possessing Conor. Now a war is waging inside and outside Belinda’s body and she quickly discovers what Mara has known for centuries:

Falling in love is as dangerous as exorcising evil spirits.

Set in a California beach town, Parallel Spirits is a different kind of paranormal romance about the power of love, water, and hope.


This novel was completely unique and a hundred percent awesome!  I loved every minute of it, and the best part, in my opinion, was the creation of the spirit realm.  It’s such a cool idea, and I loved the immense detail Welti pays to the creation of this alternate world we cannot see.  Getting to know Mara’s previous identities, as well as those of some of the other characters we meet from the spirit realm, was interesting, and I love novels that captivate readers through the slow reveal of identities and motivations.  And this is exactly what Welti through her well-formed plotline.

Welti’s vast ability to create amazing characters also really helped make the book.  I completely fell in love with Belinda, Frankie, Conor, and Mara.  The idea of a spirit realm wreaking havoc on their lives highly intrigued me, and getting to see their intertwined romances play out was a lot of fun.

My favorite character, by far, though, was Frankie.  He’s come a very long way, and seeing his many changes throughout the novel was really neat.  He is a lover, a romancer, a surfer, a best friend… and I adore him.  Though there are some terrible things brought to light throughout the story, Frankie is a good soul, and he really made an impression on me, even though I wasn’t always on his side as I read.  Overall, the characterization and unique situation of carrier spirits make this a must read.  Five stars.

5 stars

I received a copy of this novel from author in exchange for an honest review.


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