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{October 17, 2012}   League of Strays Blog Tour and GIVEAWAY With L.B. Schulman: Do You Know a Psychopath?

L.B. Schulman, author of League of Strays, has graciously stopped by the blog today to talk a little bit about psychopaths as one of her main characters, Kade, is indeed a scary psychopath. Check out what she has to say:

L.B.’s Top Ten List: Do You Know a Psychopath?

First let me say: I’m a writer, not a psychologist, but researching my character, Kade Harlin, I learned a lot about the common traits of psychopaths, which stem from their lack of conscience. Not all of these characteristics may fit a single person, but if most do, then you may have a psychopath on your hands. Since only 1 in 10 are female, I will use the pronoun “he” in the questions that follow.

1. Do your friends think he’s arrogant, even though he seems charming to you?

Psychopaths often alienate their partners from their previous support systems. Friends and family members are the first to see the problem.

2. Does he lie often?

3. Has all his previous relationships been short-term?

Psychopaths have trouble making relationships last unless their partners provide them with a critical need. They get bored easily, so they often cheat, while being possessively jealous of their partner’s interactions with the outside world.

4. Did he have a lot of behavioral problems when he was young?

Psychopaths are born this way, not created. The signs show up early.

5. Does he give you exactly what you need from the very beginning?

If you are lonely, he provides great companionship. If you need a father figure, he becomes one. Psychopaths are chameleons. They target your specific needs and seem to fulfill them, at least at the start of a relationship.

6. Does he waffle between being excessively critical to super-sweet?

To keep a partner hooked, the psychopath will “make up” for his negative behavior.

7. Does he enjoy pity parties?

For himself, that is. He has many sob stories, and he can cry easily when it’s needed. He looks for especially kind, empathetic people who will be swayed by his tales of woe.

8. Does he get bored easily?

Psychopaths have an aversion to routine living. When bored, he will typically move on or become irresponsible. He may need constant stimulation, translating to extreme risk-taking activities.

9. Does he show a lack of guilt or remorse when he behaves poorly, or a lack of empathy at the world’s problems?

10. Does he have a terrible temper that grows worse over time?

Psychopaths starts out with lavish compliments and end up highly-critical, even taking their insults public. They have a tendency to move toward abuse. If you’ve already reached this stage with a partner, seek help immediately to extricate yourself from the relationship!

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