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{September 12, 2012}   {Review} Fearless by Brigid Kemmerer (Elemental #1.5)

From Goodreads: Being a force of nature doesn’t keep you safe.

Hunter Garrity is used to watching his back. The kids at school sense something different about him. And they’re right.

Hunter has powers that have nothing to do with how hard he can throw a punch.

Maybe that’s what Clare Kasten is picking up. She’s shy, quiet, and intense, but she’s sought him out. There’s no telling what she wants from him.

But Hunter knows enough to sense a secret when it’s close. And getting close to Clare is a danger he’s ready to face…


Alas… Hunter.  He is one of the characters from Storm that I really enjoyed, though about halfway through the novel I was able to figured him out, partly.  Kremmerer still threw me for a loop because, while I was 99% sure about him, that 1% still crept up and bit me.  And he’s such a great character!  Vying for Becca’s attention, totally swoon worthy, but something was always off about him…

Now, if you haven’t read Storm, then you must before you pick up Fearless, as this novella would completely spoil your perceptions of Hunter (and perhaps this review will too, SPOILER ALERT DECLARED), and that would be a tragedy.  So go read Storm.  Right now.  Seriously.  It’s amazing.  Then read this (novella and review).  It’s really good too.

I love that Kemmerer continues to give her readers glimpses into her characters’ lives in-between her full-fledged novels.  First with Elemental, giving us insight into Michael, the oldest of the Merrick boys, and now with Hunter, an elemental outside the Merrick family.  Not only does it help tide the reader over while we wait on pins and needles for the next novel, but it fleshes out the characters even more, giving us added insight into their personalities, and I absolutely love it.

In this novella, which take place prior to the series’ start, we learn a lot about Hunter’s personality.  Like I said, I really liked him in Storm, and his heroism continues to shine through in Fearless, though I really wish there was even more to this novella (aka. LONGER!).  It was great to get to see how his family interacted/reacted to him, further solidifying some information we learn in Storm, and I truly enjoyed this quick glimpse into his life as the kid who gets picked on and is duped by a girl.  It really put everything I previously knew about him in proportion and I can’t wait to see what happens next for him, especially after such a rocky conclusion in Storm.  Four stars!

4 stars

I purchased this novella from Amazon.


[…] their abilities and just how difficult their life was trying to be mainstream.  In the novella, Fearless, I was able to see what made Hunter Garrity tick, and I glimpsed a deeper side of him I hadn’t […]

Amber says:

I have to agree. I gave this one four stars too, while all the others got 5. I really just wanted more too. At least Spirit should alleviate some of that! :)

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